Spencer Goldberg

  • 810 N 93rd Avenue Tolleson AZ



M.S. Engineering

Stanford University

B.S. Engineering

University of Maryland

Work Experience

Work experience
2010 - 2014

Aerospace Engineer

Lockheed Martin

Responsible for the design and manufacturing of commercial aircraft. With a team of engineers. Oversaw the design, assembly, and testing of aircraft.

Sep 2008 - Jul 2010

Aviation Engineer

General Electric

Responsible for creating aircraft computer simulation program to test performance and safety of commercial aircraft. Flight measured rate of climb, take-off requirements, and landing speed.

Skills and Awards

Fluent in French

Awarded Eagle Scout (BSA)


Steven Flyte, Aerospace Division GE                                    Lawrence Birdman Jr., Aerospace Director Lockeed Martin 

Phone: 302-425-1234                                                                 Phone: 309-637-8734