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Seeking a career where I can use the variety of my experiences and education to enhance the productivity of your company.

Work experience

Aug 2010Mar 2011

Sales Associate

Northern Qwest Casino

C-store associate providing customer service, receiving and stocking merchandise as well as inventory control and cashiering.

Oct 1995Oct 2006


Madison Ave Coffee / Spazzo's Espresso Inc

Preparation and sales of coffee related products.  Management of day to day operations, including sales, marketing, inventory and financial controls.

Apr 1981Feb 1989

Department Manager

Pay N Save #95 / (reorgan) Bi-Mart

Received, stocked and and inventoried merchandise for sale on the floor.  Managed a team to create an environment that was condusive to great customer service, sales and cleanliness.



Bill House

Dual graduate degree's in Public Administration from Eastern Washington University and ESL from Gonzaga University, Bill excels in business innovation creation and teaching. He is a historian and loves to travel the world working and experiencing different cultures.

Rick Sunderlund

A USC graduate and Navy veteran, Rick is well versed on many levels. He understands international affairs including the study of the Arabic language and personal investing. He is well respected by his peers and also loves the sport of baseball.

My Favorite Quotes

Academic Affiliation


Business Builder
Highly skilled in business operations and people management with a flair for being creative and understanding.  Knowledgeable of inventory and cash management controls.  Extensive retail experience.   Work well alone or in a team setting with the ability to get along well with all types of people in any situation. Good communication and listening skills. Computer literate with most Microsoft Office programs such as, Word, PowerPoint and some Excel.   Ability to share ideas to small or larger audiences. Organized, clean and finish tasks on-time.  Interest in sales and influential practices as well as trying to stay ahead of different marketing tools and ideas.  Good business writing skills that make an impact.  Understanding of business health codes, workplace safety rules and common code of ethics.