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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

5* Luxury collection of hotels

ITC Sonar


Jul 2011Present

2years diploma & 3 years in hotel managemnt catering technology & applied nuitrition

Gandhi Institute of management & tchnology


Article writing


Hello everyone..this is debojit from India,presently hospitality is my field of study & also a writer,a singer and a lyricist . I just love to communicate with people from different corners of the world..facebook & twitter has really been helpful,it has made the world easy & has been helping people to explore this world and communicate with different people.

My other hobbies lies with music,dj-ing,writing fiction stories,love stories..etc..

Writing for people gives me makes me feel other broken hurt ed people i have started my writing career  after an unusual break through in my life..happens with more or less everybody you must be thinking...surely happens with everybody but in different different makes you learn many things in many spectrum of your life.. "RHYTHM OF LIFE" is my autobiography revealing all of my lively secrets..i felt my experience in life till date was enough to write a novel on i started off with this autobiography.

I think that's enough to say about me.By times with god's blessing i hope i rise up with more writings.That's all for me to say.Thank you.


To be honest..earn by working hard..and be successful in every field i get into..


Music,painting,dj-ing,making new friends from every corners of the world and sharing each others living..writing about different issues..