Sowmya dattatri

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2013 - Present

Technical Lead

Technical Lead Currently working on an ASP.NET MVC pricing application to publish prices to various applications.
Oct 2011 - Apr 2013

Lead Developer

Education First Information systems
LEAD DEVELOPER EF- Worked on an important migration project wherein we had to migrate our TCP/IP based windows client Server application to the WPF application. Challenge here was to migrate the application with the minimal change and within the tight deadline with the team of two members. We came up with the solution which included the event based programming model by making use of the Events and Delegates and the WindowsFormHost class and thereby minimizing the code changes. Came up with the extension methods to resolve the cross thread references/context switching. Also worked on the calling solution using SIP based PortSIP third party library to develop the end to end calling functionality. Developed various reports in order to access, project and forecast the business and various factors involved in the process. Worked on developing a new business flow which included introducing the new product to the sales process which had changes to the integration/production systems along with the data migration and the business rule changes to the various Finance modules like the Agent commission and currency surcharge.
Nov 2009 - Nov 2010


Education First Information systems
DEVELOPER EF- Worked on a new CRM process which completely changed how the sales offices did the CRM. Developed various windows services which did the duplicate check on the leads, which massaged the data by applying various business rules and the auto importing of the leads using the threading and thread synchronization. Developed tool to take backup of the database scripts from the live environment before the next release as a roll back preparation also developed a tool to automate the release of the windows applications using the WMI commands. Was part of the team which did the migration of the VB.Net web 2.0 application to the TCP/IP based client server application.
Nov 2008 - Nov 2009

Senior Software Engineer

As a senior software engineer worked closely with various projects in multiple domains ranging from Travel and Transport to Banking and Financial services as a consultant by providing the framework built in-house using the open standards and the tools including iTKO Lisa and SOAPUI. Developed various POC's and did the client presentations to showcase MindTree's testing capabilities and there by winning the repeat business.
Oct 2007 - Nov 2008

Programmer Analyst

PROGRAMMER ANALYST Worked on a web based ASP.NET 2.0 application used to record the training details, schedules and the grades of all the employees. Was involved in the requirement gathering, analysis application and database design. Developed various reports along with the export and import capabilities using excel. Developed mailing functionality using the SMTP server. Was trained rigorously on Microsoft Technologies and Testing Fundamentals. SOFTWARE TRAINEE