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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Southwestern Company enlists college students to sell educational texts door-to-door during the company’s summer Southwestern Internship. Southwestern Company’s internship gives students experience, financial opportunity, life skills training, personal growth, a challenging environment, mentoring, and a career path in sales. The Southwestern Internship helps young people develop skills and character to achieve goals in life.Since 1868, Southwestern Company has provided a means through which students can finance their education by selling books. Located in United Kingdom since 1994, Southwestern Company promotes family-oriented educational reference books and software through a sales team of nearly 3,000 students representing 350 colleges and universities as part of the company’s Southwestern Internship.Through this internship, students can later launch a career in one of The Southwestern Company’s 15 companies, including insurance, financial services, consulting, and fundraising. Students can also partner with The Southwestern Company Business Incubator to start their own business following a Southwestern Internship.Southwestern Company belongs to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce; the Bristol, United Kingdom, Chamber of Commerce; and the Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee as a charter member with an A+ rating. Southwestern Company is also connected with the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Association of Graduate Recruiters in United Kingdom.In addition, Southwestern Company belongs to the Direct Selling Associations of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada and follows the association’s code of ethics, which protects sellers and consumers. The code of ethics bars member companies such as Southwestern Company from making statements or promises that might mislead consumers and salespeople. Southwestern Company and Southwestern Internship have met the Office of Fair Trading approved consumer code of practice since 2005.

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Southwestern Company

Southwestern Company offers college students the potential to make thousands of dollars during its summer Southwestern Internship. Southwestern Company student dealers buy educational texts from the company and sell them to door-to-door.


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The oldest direct-selling company in the United States, Southwestern Company works extensively with college students, as part of the Southwestern Internship program.