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Work experience
Apr 2009 - Present


Southern Concrete Raising


Founded in 2009, Southern Concrete Raising is a member of the Greater Houston and Southern Texas Better Business Bureau. Specializing in raising and leveling concrete surfaces such as floors, driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, garages, foundations, parking lots, and city streets, Southern Concrete Raising eliminates eyesores and tripping hazards caused by concrete which has sunk or settled unevenly. It is proud to provide service to residential, commercial, and industrial clients and strives for client satisfaction through quality work. Southern Concrete Raising repairs uneven concrete quickly and effectively by drilling two small holes in the uneven concrete surface. It then pumps a proprietary blend of concrete, Portland clay, and dense-dirt topsoil into the holes using hydraulic pressure. This process slowly and safely raises the lower piece of concrete until it has become even with the higher piece. The holes are then filled to match the pre-existing concrete slab. In most cases, the surface may be returned to normal use right away. In the case of driveways or garages, a twelve hour resting period is recommended to prepare the concrete for the weight of vehicles. To ensure customer satisfaction, Southern Concrete Raising offers a full one-year warranty on all of its work. If repaired concrete sinks 1/2” or more in the first year following repair, Southern Concrete Raising will correct it free of charge. Southern Concrete Raising provides free estimates and does not require deposits. Religious institutions, regardless of faith, are eligible for a 25 percent discount on its services. The company is active within the community, supporting organizations such as Houston Express Soccer, the American Cancer Society, and Futbol de Primera. It also proudly sponsors The Clarkson Fund, which provides scholarships to Clarkson University students and provides additional funding for technological investments and school athletics.

A Look at GardenLine with Randy Lemmon, by Southern Concrete Raising

Airing on KTRH, GardenLine with Randy Lemmon entertains 1.4 million Houstonians every weekend morning. On the air since 1995, Lemmon advises listeners on lawns and gardens. Renowned for his “green thumbs,” the host understands both old and new methods of lawn care. Common topics covered include shrubs, fruits, insects, diseases, and annuals and perennials. Prior to hosting GardenLine, Randy Lemmon started his career as a radio and television producer for the Texas Farm Bureau in Waco. Subsequently, he acted as a Communications Specialist for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University. Lemmon also gave guest lectures as an Adjunct Professor. During his career, he assisted with the Beef: Real Food campaign, performed as a sports reporter, and wrote two books on gardening. When he came to GardenLine, he replaced Texas radio staple and the show's creator, Bill Zak. About the Author:Based out of Houston, Texas, Southern Concrete Raising repairs floors, foundations, patios, sidewalks, and other components of one's home. Randy Lemmon endorsed the firm on one edition of GardenLine.