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Seasoned programmer with a total of 7 years of experience in the software industry and about 2

years of experience in project management with excellent coding and requirement analysis traits.

A good problem solver and a fast learner. A motivated achiever, a hard worker and a team player.


Machine Learning

Software Application Development

Medical Imaging Technology

Computer Vision Techniques

Portfolios and Clients

TiE Boston -

TiE Global -

Syngenta Systems

Work experience

Jan 2011Nov 2011

Student Worker

University of Georgia

  • Pattern analysis of protein sequences
  • Developed a search tool in Python for pattern-based extraction of peptides from protein sequences.
  • Use of Regex and pattern matching techniques to retrieve significant information.
  • Development of an XML parser in Python to extract relevant information from XML files.
Aug 2006Jun 2008

Project Manager

GoSys Infotech (earlier Open Solutions)

  • Worked on 2 projects each having a team size of 3-5 members.
  • Mainly involved in the management of the projects efficiently for completion within deadlines.
  • Also involved in requirement analysis, business analysis, documentation of projects and interaction with clients and vendors alike.
  • Help and tutorial documentation for the projects to be understood easily by stakeholders.
  • Effective team management and project management.
  • Project Control and Management documentation. Project Details as below:
    • Travel Websites Network - a group of websites offering travel and vacation packages which in the backend were connected to large popular GDS systems, and had an e-commerce backend for payment processing. (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
    • E-payment Network - all the company e-commerce websites were linked to a single e-payment backend which mainly consisted of several payment gateways weaved into a single application. This e-payment system catered to the payment processing for all the e-commerce projects developed by the company. (PHP, C, MySQL, HTML)
Oct 2005Jun 2006

Team Leader

Blue Star Infotech

  • Involved in planning and development of a travel API as an inhouse project. This project included centralization of data from multiple GDSs and data manipulation at the core, which is then transferred to multiple clients in client readable data formats.
  • Client Interaction and Requirement gathering for
  • Traveled to Hawaii for a business training session for product understanding and enhancement of the EzRez ASP model – Three month stay at Hawaii to study the EzRez product and interact with EzRez clients to understand their requirements for the enhancement of the EzRez product.
  • Assistant Business Analyst for around 10 EzRez clients and leading a group of 3 customer support executives to provide support to the clients on ‘system and product working model’ and ‘control and configuration panels’.
Jun 2004Oct 2005

Team Leader

Open Solutions (now GoSys Infotech)

  • Managing the online payment system used by the company, collaborated in reduction of charge-backs (CBKs) by extensive risk analysis and management and by duplicate charges prevention.
  • Involved in implementation of most of the payment gateways used by the system, the implementation including requirement analysis, vendor interaction, design and development of the communication module and maintenance of the gateway transactions.
  • Worked on the online Electronic Check payment API and the VbV implementation for authenticity of customers (another process to reduce CBKs percentage).
  • Managing one of the most profitable projects of the company, the Travel Sites Network; involved in the travel API integration to all the sites.
Dec 2003Jun 2004

Senior Software Engineer

Open Solutions (now GoSys Infotech)

  • Involved in the development and maintenance of the actual payment-processing module. Also connected to this module is the backend admin interface used by the Customer Support department for viewing customer details and for refund and CBK process.
  • Admin interface work also includes development of extensive reporting system for sales details, customer details for long date ranges. Focus being on performance enhancement and speed of reports’ display.
  • Developed gateway communication modules for various popular gateways like Altijara, NetworkUAE and Linkpoint Central (CSI). Also involved in the error handling and response management of the transactions, involving both Credit Card and e-check payments. Transactions being handled through PERL and PHP coding.
  • Travel project work included pre-certification work on the Amadeus travel API using XML and PHP to communicate with Amadeus (data being communicated in XML format) and also Zend API implementation to communicate between PHP and the C API of Amadeus, the Zend functions being a wrapper for PHP to communicate with the C functions of the API.
May 2003Nov 2003

Software Engineer

  • EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) for a leading agro-based organization in Switzerland. Involved in requirement analysis, design documentation and low-level and high-level designs and coding with unit testing.
  • Our middleware used to deal with data transfer between SAP, ALE, and FTP modules, with the data being in XSD and XML formats. The middleware manipulates the inbound data from one module so that it can be understood by another module. The inbound and outbound data being called IDOCs (Intermediate Documents).
  • Data manipulation done through EGATE and its “e-way” components using Java. Involved in requirement analysis, design documentation and low-level and high-level designs and coding with unit testing.
  • Personally worked on 2 such middleware manipulation modules in the course of 5 months.
  • Underwent 2 months of extensive training in Java (Servlets, core Java), HTML, and JavaScript.


Aug 2008May 2011

Master of Science

University of Georgia

Cumulative GPA – 3.62 / 4.00

Thesis and Graduate Research Work

“Segmentation and 3D Visualization of Intravascular Ultrasound Images”

Development of a system which segments Intra-Vascular Ultra-Sound images to obtain the inner

contours of the arterial walls and reconstructs the obtained contour into a 3-D tubular structure for

volumetric visualization. The system aids physicians to study the arterial plaque deposits and

helps in appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Masters Program Relevant Course Work

  • Computational Intelligence and Evolutionary Programming Techniques
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Model Logic and Deductive Systems
  • Prolog, LISP and Symbolic Programming Techniques
  • Semantic Web
Oct 1998Jun 2002

Bachelor of Science

Manipal Institute of Technology

Total Aggregate – 76.32%


Travel websites E-commerce projects E-payment systems Payment Gateway Integration
Pattern analysis Search techniques Use of Regex and pattern matching techniques to retrieve significant information. XML parsing