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Souhail El Yazidi

10/02/1983 single

Work experience

Jan 2009Aug 2010


jaouharat la comtesse

after finishing my parcour in yvain la villa company, i have been worked in Jaouharat la comtesse which is a famous pastry company also . There, my competences and skills have increased and my work was chief aid . i prepared many types of pastries , cakes and more.I was supervising and managing the shop in the absence of the head and help in the search for new recipes

Oct 2008Oct 2009


Yvain La villa

As part of my studies at the institution, I started my internship at the company YVAIN VILLA. In the begining of my work training at this company which is very famous and makes a high quality of pastry ,i have been watching how work is going and how the workers are working and dealing with what they have in hand , after this period, i began Learning and dealing with the equipments and materials until i became senior . First, i became senior on how to prepare cakes ,pies, pastries ( foret noir, merveilleuse, opera, ...) , cupcakes and desserts . Second, i became senior on how to prepare brioches, croissants . Cleaning was very important wether surfaces of equipments or materials after finishing my work . Plus, a general cleaning every six months.


Oct 2008Oct 2009


the Institute of Technology Hotel and Tourist

this study consists in two sorts, theoritical and practical, the theoritical one conatins the sudy of two parts , the first is the technical Education which includes two matters: pastry technology ,  higiene and Applied Sciences. the second is General studies which includes languages, french and English , bisides, computer skills and legislation..the practical one consists in doing practice in several specialized companies in which the intitute sends its mt case i have been sent to Yvain la villa ( pastry, bakery, restaurant, cafe)

Sep 1998Jun 2001

bechelor on Experimental Sciences

Moulay Idriss high school

Experimental science consist in the education of mathematics, physics, chemistry and natural sciences which have a high Coefficients besides other matters of a low coefficients.


Prepare standardized recipes using a variety of cooking, baking and pastry techniques as well as appropriate equipment and Tools.
Business Acumen
understand the restaurant business. expenses with profits, managing staff, minimizing waste, Clean and maintain cleanliness of kitchen and equipments, , Capable of standing for long periods of time, May do other tasks that may be assigned from time to time especially if the restaurant is not busy and more.
Sense of Taste and Smell
Delicious food brings in customers.and make sure each piece of food is safe, prepared correctly and tasty
creating new and innovative cakes ,pies, pastries, cupcakes and desserts that will bring in customers. Knowledge of ingredients and how to use them in a creative way will serve you well.
the use of equipments and conserving.
Wash dishes in the absence of a dishwasher
Computer skills and linguistics knowledge
Word, Excel, Internet -English: Good - French: Good - Arabic : Native