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Responsible, flexible and accurate IT project manager with a bachelor's degree in economics and management from the Université Paris XIII Sorbonne - Condorcet. Experienced in leadership, staff management, organization, and customer contact.  Speaks fluent Swedish, English, French, Arabic and some basic Spanish.

Work experience


Sales & Marketing Expert

Facebook SMB, Portugal

Responsibilities: Digital Marketing: Expert in strategies, engaging customers and improving business opportunities, by retaining existing clients for Facebook and through a well-developed and targeted campaign, a successful marketing strategy and plan that will help companies achieve defined and measurable goals. In addition to Classic Work Tasks: Coaching, Training, Upskill development, et. c. Facebook SMB Project. Outsourced by TP.


Project Manager-Account Manager-Office Manager

ZoCom AB, Sweden

Responsibilities: Project management, documentation of the technical platform, contact with existing and new customers, marketing plan, lead IT teachers and courses, develop existing partnerships, scheduling courses, Web Site Analysis (Design and Technology), …


Back-Office Administrator-Project Administrator 

Jensen Education, Sweden 

Responsibility: Customer Communication, Customer Support, Organisation and communication between departments, organization, administration, customer service, Administration, Troubleshooting, Database Administration


Chef & Cook

Société Flam, France

Responsibility: Cooking, The Staff, Inspection of goods, Delivery Receipt, Inventory, Scheduling, Billing Control


Data Input Technician

Société IZEOS, France 

Responsibilities: Data Management, Data Entry


Security Agent

Continental Prot. Ser., France

Responsibility: Safety Responsibility, Anti-theft alarm contro


Warehouse Worker

R&B Logistics, Sweden

Responsibility: Delivery Receipt, Inventory, Organization



IT-project management

Jensen education, Sweden

Courses: Project Management, Systems Development, E-commerce, Web / Mobile, Integration, Upgrade and Implementation, Agile Methods, Excel, PROPS, RUP, SCRUM, Prince 2, PMP, PPS, Project Base 2.0.


Prince 2 certification

Jensen education, Sweden

The project-management methodology PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2) encompasses quality management, control and organization of a project with consistency and review to align with project objectives.[citation needed] PRINCE2 is a certification program for practitioners in the methodology who are accredited, qualified through training. PRINCE2 emphases dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages. 


Bachelor’s Degree Economics-Marketing-Management

Université Paris XIII, France

Courses: Accounting, Micro and Macro Economics, Business Administration, Industrial Management, Organization and Management, Business Law, Marketing, E-Commerce, Business Analys, Communication.


High School Degree: IT, Management, Ekonomi och Business Law...

Lycée Lyautey, Morocco

Courses:  IT, Management, Finance, Legal, Organizational, Management, Accounting, Excel, Access, Communications


Language Skills

Swedish:    mother tongue
English:      fluent
French:       fluent
Spanish:    basic knowledge
Arabic:        mother tongue

Computer & Other Skills

MS Word, Gretl, GNU R, Internet, Access, MS Visio, MS Excel, Trello, MS Excel, PowerPoint,  Non Functional Requirements, SCRUM, Agile Methods, SalesForce, CRM,FB Digital Marketing, Social Media