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My favorite

It is said that every creative people has a bag of tricks. Mine are: contrast, sharp tactic, humour, fun and… surprise!That’s work but personally, in my free time, I also love to have rapport talk with my friends and family either online or face-to-face, which can take a lot of time. And just for more information, my record for talking with friends so far is 9 hours straight for solving their problem and sharing their emotion. That’s why I think being a strategist, whose task also includes having conversation to capture the insight of focus groups, is very very suitable.


How do I define myself? Well, my answer is: if advertising targets, I’m the arrow. My primary interest is strategy. Either working for the whole campaign or for the elements needed in ads’ execution, I search for the strongest direction, especially for the creative to follow.

To be a strategist

I’m currently seeking for the strategist position, either in an Advertising department or agency, which needs to enhance its branding communication. I can provide crucial information of your competitors, industry and target audience to consult or give strategic direction to form effective communication objective. Besides, having the experience to work as the creative team, I can understand the process thoroughly and corporate with them whenever needed.

Work experience

Feb 2008Present

strategy planner


Feb 2008Present



I’m a student from Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) programme of RMIT and have got chances to work in many interesting projects, most of which were given compliment as “having good strategic idea”, especially the First Home Saver and Assistance Dog Australia projects. Besides, I also got High Distinction for the Strategy Planning course in school. But more important than marks, the strength as a strategist would be demonstrated in my work here.