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Sophia Lorenzo


Efficient and productive graduate, seeking to expand to the research and/or laboratory field. Well- rounded in test execution and analysis, including hematology urinalysis, serology, histology and bacteriology. Amicable work relations. Interests in genetic and neurological research. Very observant, providing for great attention to detail. 

Work experience

January 2017Present



I currently work in retail. My position entails selling products, building rapport with customers, as well as organizational skills.   

Oct 2014Mar 2015

Workstudy and Translator

Institute for Demographic and Socioeconomic Research

San Antonio, TX

Inputting local school data in to the IDSER system. The main objective of the team was to concisely represent in a statistical manner, local information. IDSER collaborates with the following partners:

I worked in the English to Spanish translation area of the COSA Head Start Program 2015. This project involves gathering and presenting information about the characteristics of the population and availability of services relevant to the Head Start program in Bexar County.

Feb 2014Jun 2014

Research Assistant

Institute of Health Disparities Research UTSA

San Antonio, TX

As a Research Assistant my job consisted of: translation services, bibliographical research, and coding. The main objective of the research was to discover the differences, and social variants among Mexican-American and Mexican Immigrant women in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas; which in turn influenced the birthweight of their newborns. 

Apr 2011Aug 2012

Patient Representative

The Schumacher Group

Eagle Pass, TX 
One of the main objectives of the Schumacher Groups' Patient Representatives was to increase patient satisfaction by. 05. This mainly included: attending to the care of the patients' in the Emergency Room Department at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center, mediating conflict between patients and medical staff, along with the recollection, documentation and presentation of data.


Feb 2012Dec 2015

BA in Anthropology

University of Texas at San Antonio UTSA

San Antonio, TX

A well-rounded education in both the soft sciences such as: Primate Ecology, Medical Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology; as well as a grounded understanding of Biological and Chemical Sciences such as: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology. The College of Liberal and Fine Arts, department of Anthropology at UTSA provides the expected learning tools for a clinical and sociological inquisitive mind. 

Jul 2007Dec 2010

MCP Medico Cirujano y Partero

Universidad de Monterrey UDEM

Monterrey NL, Mexico

The MCP program is a 7 year medical program. 3 years of Basic Sciences: Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, etc. 2 years of Clinical Sciences, which includes: Clinical Introductory Course, Rotations in various local hospitals, etc. 1 year of Internship and 1 year of Social Service. 

Aug 2005Jul 2007


Colegio Alexandre

Cancun QR, Mexico

Community Services

JALPEM Jovenes Altruistas Pensando en Mexico
Helped organize a community outreach program in Saltillo, Coahuila Mexico. 
Set up education stations including: odontological, dermatological and sexual education programs where a three day period was spent providing resourceful tools for personal health and hygiene. 

Luchando por Mexico. Organized groups of medical students to go to rural communities around Nuevo Leon, México.  Extended basic medical assistance to members of these communities.


Laboratory Skills

Execution of diagnostic tests such as ELISA, PCR, preparation and organization of bacteria, fungal cultures, familiar with tint preparations such as Gram, Papanicolau, Ziehl Neelsen, etc.


Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Atlas T.I.


Proficient in: 

Social Skills

Driven to communicate well and establish strong rapport with all patients.
Amicable relations with coworkers. 
Open to constructive criticism, positive attitude. 

Efficient Writing and Editing Skills

Worked closely with IDSER to fully translate the COSA's Headstart Program 2015