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Work experience

Sep 2008Apr 2009

Idír Mná

Midas Productions

Director of a six part crime series telling the true stories of Women who murder in Ireland. The programmes contain interviews with experts involved with each case and Drama reconstruction of the events leading up to and including the Murder. Broadcast on TG4.  This programme is in the Irish Language.

Apr 2008May 2008

Leárgas - John Healy "Who Shouted Stop?"


Producer/Director of a Documentary on John Healy and the town he came from.

John Healy was a renowned journalist with the Irish Times. In the late 60's he wrote a series of articles in the Times ‘No one Shouted Stop' and later published them as the book that became a bible for rural Ireland, most particularly in his hometown of Charlestown ‘Death of An Irish Town'.

This book created a lot of controversy at the time and RTÉ went back to Charlestown with John Healy in the early 70's to see how things had changed.

Leárgas returns now in 2008 to see how his hometown ‘Charlestown' has progressed since and what legacy John Healy left in his wake.

Oct 2007Nov 2007

Scannal - "Cabin Fever"


Producer/Director of a Documentary telling the story of the sinking of the boat "Cabin Fever" and the TV programme it was used in.

This documentary investigates what happened in the RTÉ landmark series ‘Cabin Fever’ launched by RTÉ in 2003. 12 contestants were to travel around Ireland with prize money of €100,000 to be won at the final post. All did not go as planned and the ship hit rocks, mayday was called and all had to abandon ship by Tory Island off the coast of Donegal. The production company got another boat and the journey continued, but the shows ratings went through the roof. We go back to Tory Island and talk frankly to those who remember that day and the night before!!


Sep 2007Jun 2009

Marketing and Policy in Film & Television (MA)

University Of Ulster, Coleraine


TV Producer/Director
Sonia is an Award winning TV Producer / Director. She has been awarded th Prix Circom Award for Documentary twice. She has also chaired the judges panel for the Documentary section of the Prix Circom. Her programmes have been broadcast worldwide as well as having screenings in Film Festivals at home and abroad.



Sonia is an award winning Television Producer and Director. She has worked on many programmes throught her career, which spans over 15years. Working for all the major broadcasters on the Island of Ireland her Documentaries cover all aspects of life and culture. Equally at home working in house in a production company or as a Freelance Sonia always produces high class programmes. She is continually improving her own standards and is experienced in High Definition aquisition and Post Production as well as being at ease working in the new Tapeless environment that is slowly becoming the norm amonst the bigger Production Houses.


Sonia has a lifetime interest in the Irish Language, being brought up in an Irish speaking area of Ireland. She continues to have a connection with home spending as much time as she can walking on the beaches and taking photographs. Sonia has a great love of technology, which she shares with her husband, and she tries to keep ahead of the game and know all about the latest gadget.