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Located just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean beachfront in Carlsbad, California, Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry epitomizes a full-service approach to the jewelry business. Rather than simply sell trendy jewelry, an approach favored by many competitors, Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry goes out of its way to find jewelry that will appeal to its clients’ varied tastes. This commitment to customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with its commitment to environmentally responsible practices. 

Many jewelry customers purchase pieces that have been owned and loved by others beforehand, and vintage jewelry occupies its own special niche in the marketplace. Manufacturing new jewelry pieces imposes a burden on the environment, not the least of which is the mining of new precious metal and gemstones. By contrast, because it reuses existing pieces, the vintage jewelry marketplace is extremely friendly to the environment. Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry actively promotes this recycling of jewelry, encouraging clients to sell the pieces they no longer want to keep, such as gifts from a past relationship or inherited pieces.

A full-service establishment, Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry has an excellent repair department that can restore most pieces, including watches, to like-new condition. In fact, Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry’s founder was a fourth-generation jeweler whose passion was restoring vintage jewelry to a pristine state.

A fixture in the Carlsbad community, Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry can be found participating in the annual Carlsbad Village Street Faire, the world’s largest single-day street fair. It also promotes in-store celebrations like Ladies Night, highlighted by special discounts, prizes, and a party atmosphere. Somewhere In Time Fine Jewelry also partners with local charities in the area through their jewelry buying program, offering fundraising opportunities.