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Work experience

Video Producuctions Class



Jun 2010Present

Degree O awesomeness



Video Editing
At WEHS I was professionally trained to edit videos. I was especially adequate in the field of special effects, both for Audio and video

Best Work

    One of our Halloween Films that our team did was my second best work, sheerly because of the beautiful crude humor. The halloween humor of sarcasm, and the ability to laugh at another's misfortune. I also have to say that we had the most fun doing this video, because we also went trick-o-treating together, making jokes all along the way.

    My second best work, would definetly be our team making a segment called "The Chill Corner" in which we interviewed random people, and asked them what they hate the most. The open variety of the answers that they were limited to chose got alot of different surprising looks. And we also had a lot of fun making and editiing the video.

    I would say that my  third best work was my most recent work, which was our production team's rendition of  the movie "Friday". I would definitely consider this my best work because through the small amount of time we had to put this project together (overall approx. 10:00 in shooting), you would not be able to tell because of the great editing and acting of our team.

Personal Initiative

I tend to be very random yet cooperative, so this all came in to play where another team needed an extra actor. The role called for me to be a police officer, and true to crude humor, I was called to drop kick multiple "suspects" it also recieved alot of laughs and great reception. As an actor, the emotional and mental preparedness for the role is a major factor of good recption of the visual audience. When we actually did shoot the video, there was a improvisational part that was solely unscripted, and derived out of pure joy of the moment. I chased down a subject, at full speed mentally and physically, and then executed a drop kick maneuver followed by a quick "arrest". These values of movie maknig I thoroughly enjoy because then it is no longer about self, but about the art of visual media.

Rights and Responsibilities

With working on a team, you must first realize that "There is no 'I' in team" that still does apply. With each job that is involved in the process of developing and constructing media. There is a sense of reliance that each member of the team develops to know, truist, and depend on other members of the team. Most individuals under such pressure will not let you down, but there are some that will. There are also many unspoken rules that are relatively common sense, but are occasionally overlooked. The such things involve, not walking in front of a camera while it is recording, or horseplay around the visual media filming device. These can be very tough lessons to learn, and if you do not know them while filming professionally, you will more than likely be fired.


I would undisputedly have to say that the character trait that most reflects myself is trustworthiness and honesty. When working with other film teams, it is not about making a better film than your opponent, it is about the love for the art of visual media. With that being said, there is a constant goal for each team to become better as not only individual, but as an artist. We all need feedback and constructive criticism to grow. Many team workers in the sense of lighthartedness, but nonetheless ignorance are highly dishonest when questions are based around their film. I without a doubt brave through this obstacle and am truly honest and trustworthy.


Relating to the idea of serving in my community, I have a recent memory that took place yesterday as i was exiting Denny's. There was a homeless man, and I approached him and questioned him on the matter of his hunger, and indeed he replied positively. I returned to Denny's and proceeded to purchase the man as he requested, a cheddar cheeseburger and root beer.

Goals For Next Year

One of my goals of the next year would be to achieve and perform excellence at the new high school I will be attending. The courses of this high school are known to be rigorous with the standards set beyond the limits of mundane capacity. It will require a very high amount of effort, dedication and commitment.. The rewards are nonetheless, all the more evident. If I complete these courses, I will graduate high school with an associates degree.

My Highlight

The single best moment in the Class of 2010-2011 Video and Audio Tech Productions class would have to be our filming trip, when we arrived at Mr. Bolton's house and the surprised look on his face when 5-10 students walked into his door and set up filming equipment.