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2005-2011: PhD Biotechnology                                        University of Pune, India,      2003-2005: M.Sc. Industrial Microbiol.                           Devi Ahilya Vishwa                                         Vidyalaya, India. 
2002-2003: P.G.dip Mol. Biol. and                                    Biochem. Tech. University                          of Delhi, India, 
1999-2002: B.Sc.Microbiology (H)                                   University of Delhi, India, .


  • Skilled, experienced molecular biologist specialized in infectious diseases and molecular virology with eight years proven performance in HIV research.
  • Expertise in broad range of biochemical, molecular biology and immunology techniques.
  • Exceptional hands-on training of BSL-2 and -3 facilities.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated creative researcher proven by multidisciplinary research and publication record.

Work History

Jun 2008Dec 2008


Yeshiva University
Visiting Researcher at Albert Einstein, New York, USA In AITRP(AIDS International Training Research Program) worked as a visiting researcher(Fogarty Fellow) on the project entitled“ Gene expression profile analysis to determine HIV-1-induced apoptosis: Mechanism of T cell depletion and clade-specific differences in pathogenicity”.
Jan 2005Jun 2005

National Institute of Immunology

National Institute of Immunology
M.Sc. Dissertation at, New Delhi, India Dissertation work entitled“ Genetic analysis of Human DC-SIGN gene and CX3CR1 Chemokine receptor gene-HIV-1 Coreceptors: implication for HIV-1 Progression in Indian Population”.



ELISA, ELISPOT, flow cytometry-BDCalibur, BDCanto, BDAria for cell sorting and BDVerse for high throughput assays, surface and intracellular staining.

Cells/Tissue Culture Systems

Isolation of primary cells (T and B-lymphocytes) lymphocyte isolation from human blood and tissue samples, handling infectious HIV and herpesviruses in BSL2 facility.

Lentiviral system

Designing lentiviral constructs and production of viral particles including infectious HIV

Molecular Biology

RNA extraction, cDNA synthesis, Real-Time PCR-TaqMan chemistry, PCR arrays, differential gene expression profiling, gene copy number analysis, western blotting, transfection, nucleofection and stable clone production.

Animal Research

Handling of Mycobacterium-infected guinea pigs and organ extraction for histology in BSL3 facility.

area of expertise