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Hello, my name is Sohail Naseem. My world is divided into facets of my imagination. By trade, I am a Marketing Consultant, Audio Engineer, and Social Media wizard. People may look at these qualifications as confusing but I just see it as the whole picture, I am a multifaceted and multi-capable person.I feel without being able to expand one's horizons, that a person is truly limited.

This is my approach to business and social media. Without being involved in as many facets of this new and exciting world, businesses are losing free and instant consumer access. My skills allow me to expand your company's horizons by building custom, comprehensive social media marketing solutions to further your company's goals. Without proper timing, association, action, and presence, a company is only limited to a geographical area. Using my abilities, let me help you take over the world.

My qualifications in experience in social media is listed on the right in my social media resume portfolio,

Work experience

CEO/Artistic Director

Naseem Sound Design

Audio engineering solutions to change the way your world sounds.

Feb 2010Present

Marketing Project Leader

Social Media Resume


Sep 2011Present

Business Administration

Durham College