Sohail Khalid

Sohail Khalid

Work History

Work History
Jun 2013 - Present

NFM Engineer Ericsson Managed Services

  • Integration and managing operations of Saudi Telecom network of 2G, 3G and recently deployed LTE, the 4th generation.
  • Working with TN IPRAN supporting cards NPU3, NPU3B, NPU1C, ETU2, ETU2B, MMU2D, MMU2H etc.
  • Configuring manually &/or Making Script and loading, Troubleshooting the latest Ericsson’s common traffic platform, the SIU, for all (2G,3G & 4G).
  • Making scripts for 3G (Up to 3rd carrier) & LTE for integration purpose.
  • Working with Ericsson RBS 6000 series i.e. RBS6201. Installing, replacing DUG10, DUG20, RUG, RUS cards, DUW30, RUW and DUL, RRU.
  • Proactively conducting PMs & health Checks of deployed Network Elements, also Emergency Handling using Ericsson Standard Procedure.
  • Efficient handling of Planned Activity Requests for Cutovers, Re homing of RBSs, Expansions/enhancement Coverage by changing Tilts of RF Antennae &/or Capacity of RBSs by adding dTRU/RUG/RUS/RUW and changing IDBs according to situation , performing all those activities involving outages, during Maintenance Windows provided by the valuable customer.
  • Successfully upgrading & saving backup of Transmission node and RBS 3000 &/or RBS6000, Ericsson Family latest released SW.
  • Trouble shooting Radios and Modems in case of any operational problem or degraded RSL. Also, identifying LOS problem.
  • Creating new circuits at hardware level for leased media, DCN, PSTN Traffic, Signaling Links and BTS sites.
  • Handling IPRAN sites, issues which includes configuring SFP’s, LAN ports, switch ports, WAN ports and creating VLANS, Packets, bridges for traffic and O&M.
  • Participated in Handovers for the swap of sites from 3206 to 6201 for STC.
  • Performed technical support to fellow engineers for IPRAN to trouble shoot the connectivity from Node B to PL-Aggregator and RNC.
  • Performed 3 carrier configuration in NodeB  at P7, W10 & W11A SW Level and gave technical support to Customer for integration, up gradation and troubleshooting activities.
  • Start-up of DCN network for TN, Hi-Caps and restoring of  PPPs link.
  • Perform Antenna System Measurements such as Return loss, VSWR and DTF for Distance to Fault using Site Master.
  • Operation, maintenance, fault troubleshooting and replace the faulty spares of the DXX during warranty on customer request.
  • Worked with Ericsson 2G RBS2000 series(2202, 2106,2206,2207,2107,2308-micro) extensively, MS project.
  • Closed WO using Ericsson’s WFMS tool.
Mar 2012 - May 2013

Team Lead Swap Project

Huawei Through third Party

worked with ZTE through third party in the Project management, making project smooth , Managing teams in the project, removing existing NSN flexi Ultra, edge BTS and replacing them with  ZTE SDR BTS nodes 8700,8800 and 8900, BBU,RRU  removing NSN transmission outdoor units, antenna, indoor units FIU19/FIU19 E, FXC RRI and swapping with NEC iPaolink 200, 400, 1000 as per given swap scenario in the Telenor network.

Managed teams of engineers and technicians, organized the RAN and transmission activities. RTN600 series, RTN900 series, OSN 1000, 1500, 3500, BTS 3900, 3900A, DBS 3900, U2000 NMS, Web LCT, Managed teams of engineers and technicians, organized the RAN and transmission activities. RTN600 series, RTN900 series, OSN 1000, 1500, 3500, BTS 3900, 3900A, DBS 3900, U2000 NMS, Web LCT

May 2011 - Dec 2012

Project Manager

Third Party Huawei

To manage teams of engineers and technicians  and to organize the activities relating to Transmission and BSS including preventive and corrective maintenance.Planning and implementation of  different activities relating to Huawei transmission and BSS nodes,coordination with RF teams to resolve the KPI related issues.Customer meetings to discuss the CSR and KPI breaches/improvements.Coordination with other departments ,defines and assigns resources to various tasks,complete performance reviews.Ensure the safety of all field persons and assets.BTS 3900,BTS 3900A,RTN 610,RTN 620,RTN 910,RTN950.Huawei Network management system  T2000,U2000.

Nov 2011 - Feb 2012

Technical Support Engineer (Trainer) on Ericsson Microwave

Korek Telecom

Theoretical and Practical trainings on TN Rev4 and Other Minilink  family to engineers of Korek Telecom.Configure Ethernet for IPRAN on TN 4.4 (VLAN, Ports, LAN, WAN, PDH-IME, Bridges,RL-IME) Software upgrade for TN to 4.4 how to Prepare Reportsin Excel.Experience in TN 4.4 configuration, Cross Connection, Ethernet, XPIC, MMU 2H, ETU2, ETU2 B, NPU 1C, NPU3 B etc.

Dec 2010 - Mar 2011

Almadar Aljadid

 Technical Support Engineer TransmissionSupervision of Installation ,commissioning and troubleshooting of Minilink E classic,MinilinkTN,Marconi OMS860/870/1410.

Mar 2008 - Sep 2010


EricssonFront Office/Back Office Technical Support Engineer Transmission NOC +Field Maintenance Support Engineer

24/7 Monitoring and rectification all alarms generated by Ericsson nodes Minilink classic E,Minilink TN Rev4,AMM 2P,6P,20P.MMU2B,MMU2C,MMU2D,MMU2E,MMU2F and MMU2H.HC,MDRS S ,MDRS EC,Tellabs DXX 6300 Series 6320,6340,6345and 6350,Tellabs DXX 8100 SeriesBasic3,Basic6,A11,Marconi OMS1200 and OMS1600 Series,Nera Microwave Citylink and Interlink.Microwave,Huawei RTN600 and RTN900,NEC Microwave on SOM,DXXManager,SOO,SOEM,SONM,T2000,U2000,NEW NMS,PNMS.Report actual network performance according to the contractual SLA between third parties and managed customers.Handle changes in the live network,when needed intervene on site to perform field maintenance actions according to the customer’s specific contract agreements,organizational procedures,making use of

appropriate tools and by participating in the 24/7 emergency support services on request.Preparing the daily reports of network active alarms,visibility report using MS Excel,fault escalation and follow up withFM team for regarding t the rectification of the fault.Monitoring and Maintaining the daily visibilityreport of transmission nodes,provide the support to FM teams for troubleshooting the outages.Preparing the Significant event report (SER),creating network elements on NMS configuring services.Providing major network issues up-to the management level,Monitoring and escalation of Optical fiber outages by generating TTs (Trouble tickets) to concerns. STM-1 ,STM-16 and STM-64 level rings monitoring,traffic shifting. Fault Management of DXX  63xx series (which includes 6320, 6340, 6345, 6350 SDH Nodes) and 8150 basic (which includes Basic-3, Basic-6, Basic16 and A111 Multiplexers) on Ericsson/Tellabs 8100 DXX manager and Craft Interface as a transmission engineer in the field and on NMS. Implement the Planned Activity Request (PAR) for expansion, rollout & swap project. Installation and commissioning of above mentioned DXX nodes. Circuit configuration on 8100 and 6300 nodes on 4/1(E1), 4/3(E3) and 4/4(VC4) level on SDH backbone.Reroute the transmission media on the alternate path in case of any optical fiber break. Coordinate with the Field Maintenance team countrywide to rectify the media faults. Making Protection arrangements for different circuits on MSP and SNCP (E1, VC4) levels. Give the recommendations for hardware & software up-gradation to avoid the any outages. Software & hardware up-gradation of DXX 63XX & 8150 series. Synchronization clock setting on DXX 63XX & 8150.Configuration of IT traffic using Ethernet over SDH mapping and switching cards and using GFP and LCAS protocols,ITU-T G.7042standard.Configuration and Troubleshooting of DCN for above nodes using IS-IS and other protocols. Circuit and other configurations on Marconi OMS 860/870/1240/1260/1410/1654/1664 SDH nodes on 4/1(E1), 4/3(E3) and 4/4(VC4) level on SDH backbone on SONM and SOEM. Worked on four types of network elements of Minilink family namely Hi Cap radio link (Carrying one STM-1), Traffic Nodes (, 20P, 6P, 2P, XPIC) SAU IPs, Minilink-E Classic and Marconi MDRS-EC (carrying 10STM1) & MDRS-S (carrying 2STM1). Troubleshoot the microwave links Hicap, TN, Minilink-E & MDRS by using RF, IF loop & in coordination of FM Engineers. Analyze the link effecting alarms & give the recommendations for hardware & software up-gradation. Guide FM Engineers for hardware replacement & awareness of link effecting alarms.Ensure the errors free media availability to meet the KPIs & resolve the customer complaints. Conducting Bit Error Rate Test of PDH & SDH (point to point & Ring) links. Making traffic (E1) routing, protection arrangements for different circuits on MSP and SNCP levels.Implement the Planned Activities Request (PAR) for rollout & expansion project Transmission media cutover & re homing of abis sites.Automatic Backup of SOM. Add the new NEs (TN, HC, and MDRS) on SOM & ensure their availability.Setting job schedule (software down load, inventory update, configuration upload) on SOM.Software & hardware up-gradation of Minilink family & MDRS from SOM & LCT. Interference & fading test of microwave links.MW links optimization. Worked as Team leader for Installation, Configuration, Integration & commissioning of  Minilink TN (2P, 6P, 20P) & HC.

Complete DCN configuration and troubleshooting of MLE Classic, MLTN, Hi Cap and MDRS. Making all above mentioned nodes visible on NMS by configuring and troubleshooting IP sub netting, adding static routes and dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF.Troubleshooting by checking the sub netting, IP addresses, configuring static routing and dynamic routing for visibility. Fault Management of two types of NERA Network Elements namely City Link (Carrying one STM-1) and Inter Link (Carrying 8 STM-1s) on NERA NEW NMS (Network Element Viewer Network Management System). Circuit configuration (add, drop) with SNCP and without SNCP on NERA City Link on NEW NMS.Troubleshoot the microwave links and hardware (modem board, transceiver board, interface board etc) in coordination with Field Maintenance team in case any channel went down/fluctuate.DCN configuration in NES & add new NEs on NERA NEW NMS. Synchronization clock setting on city links in point to point and ring topologies.

Oct 2006 - Mar 2008

Transmission Engineer Rollout + Managed Services Project


Installation,commissioning,configuration and hardware, software level troubleshooting  of BTS 3012,BTS 3012AENEC Microwave V4,NEC Neo.Huawei Multiplexers Metro 1000,OSN 1500,OSN 3500,OSN 7500 and Power equipment used on sites.Testing procedures and finally fault recommendation.Coordination with the customer regarding conflicting issues and making the project smooth.Monitoring the Patching/wrapping of  different types of media,configuration of services  in the network and end to end clearance of  media for connectivity of BTS to BSC.Conducting the BER (Bit error ratio) testing of PDH and SDH Microwave links using BERT.Adding Network elements and making different sub networks region wise after verifying the physical connectivity  of NEs with NMS.Analyzing the Network elements and NMS  Logs for Root cause of different types of  service outages in the network.Different types of solutions for data communication network (DCN) in the network country wide.IP configuration and IP routing for data communication network.

Jul 2005 - Oct 2006

Transmission Engineer Rollout +Network Operations


Performed comprehensive line of sight ( LOS) Balloon,flash,mirror,and path Surveys for different Microwave radio links.Microwave design,Frequency planning,Link budget and path profile of Microwave links using software Pathloss and Mapinfo.Interference and fading test of microwave links. Installation,commissioning,configuration and troubleshooting of NEC Pasolink PDH,Pasolink+ SDH (STM-1,XPIC). Installation,  commissioning  and troubleshooting of STM-1 with XPIC and without XPIC in Ring topology .Installation,commissioning and troubleshooting of C Node Multiplexer used with NEC Microwave radio system.Worked on Pasolink network management system (PNMS) for addition of new network elements,collecting event logs and  performance of links in network.Making network configuration files for connectivity of NEs to the PNMS using Network configuration tool (NCT) software.Complete DCN configuration and troubleshooting  of network elements for visibility  on PNMS.Troubleshooting of different Microwave links in the network  in coordination  with the field maintenance teams.



BSc. Electrical Engineering

MUST Pakistan
Jan 2009 - Jan 2009

Minilink E Classic and TN

Ericsson Training College
Mar 2008 - Mar 2008

NERA Microwave

Ericsson Training College
Mar 2006 - Mar 2006

NEC Microwave

PTCL Training College


English Fluent

Arabic Intermediate

Urdu Fluent


Telecom Operators

U Fone,Warid Pakistan

Almadar Aljadid  Tripoli Libya

Korek Telecom Erbil Iraq 

STC Saudi Telecom Company Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Telecom Vendors





GSM / UMTS/ LTE Broad Band Networks

Multi Vendor Equipment Deployment


Design/Planning/Deployment of IP/Ethernet  Transport Solution used in Mobile Operators Technical Support  and Optimization

2G/3G Rollout Project


 Managed services Project operation and maintenance  of  GSM network(GSM)

Front 0ffice/Back Office/Field Maintinance

Design,installation,commissioning and Management of network

Configuration of E Line and ELAN Services

Ethernet over PDH,Ethernet over SDH,Native Ethernet,Hybrid Radio Link and ATM Aggregation.

VLAN ,LAN,WAN  Configuration


Project Management in SDH/WDM Implementation Environment


Ericsson RBS 6000 Series 

Ericsson RBS 2000 Series 

Huawei BTS 3012 and 3012 AE

Huawei BTS 3900 and 3900A,DBS3900

Ericsson Minilink E Classic

Ericsson Minilink TN

Ericsson HC

Ericsson/Marconi MDRS S and MDRS EC

Ericsson/Marconi OMS 860/870/1240/1260/1410/1654/1664

Ericsson/Tellabs 8100 Series

Ericsson/Tellabs 6300 Series

Nera Microwave City link and Interlink

NEC Microwave

Huawei RTN 600 Series

Huawei RTN 900 Series

Huawei Metro 1000/OSN 1500/OSN 3500/OSN 7500

NEC C Node MUX ADM and TM.

DCN Configuration of  all above  nodes

Power Rectifiers and Battery Bank

Network Management Systems

Minilink Manager (MLM)

Service on Microwave (SOM)


NEC Pasolink network Management System (PNMSj)

DXX Manager

Service on Optical (SOO) MV36/MV38

Huawei T2000

Huawei U2000

Tools used:

OMT-V39H,44A & 48M, for Ericsson RBS2000, RBS6000.

Mini Link Service Manager-v6.3, 6.5 & 6.7, for ML-Classic.

Mini Link PTP for Hi Cap.

Mini Link Craft V-2.20 for TN.

TFTP server for Hi-Cap & BPFTP and CLI for TN.

Element Manager for 3G & 4G.

Putty for SIU, and IP ping tests for media verification for 3G & LTE.

MoShell for 3G & LTE.

Hyper Terminal for 3G/LTE configuration.

Map Info 8.5.

Path Loss for Microwave Planning and design

Professional Registration

Registered in Pakistan Engineering Council as a professional Engineer

Registration Number ELECT/20992