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Work experience

Apr 2004Present

Accessibility consultant

Todos Nós - Unicamp Acessível

Co-writer and editor of ‘Acessibilidade: discurso e prática no cotidiano das bibliotecas’,  Elsevier, 2006.

Physical and web accessibility consultancy during master degree for several institutions:

General Justice Office of Defense of People with Disabilities, Natal, Brazil; Architecture Faculty (FEC) Unicamp, Brazil; Federal University Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Education Faculty (FE) Unicamp, Brazil; University FAAP, São Paulo, Brazil; University of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil; University AnhembiMorumbi, São Paulo, Brazil; UnB, Brasília, Brazil; Universidad de Córdoba, Spain.

Feb 2011Present

founder and partner

Flow Consultoria

Founder and Partner at Flow Consultoria, a consultancy firm that offers full service research support, from research design and planning, to analysis and reporting, with expert design recommendations to help interpret findings.

Clients: Nokia, Sony, Pepsico.

May 2009Dec 2010

Project leader / UX Specialist


User research and innovation projects for m-commerce, websites, electronic products interface, healthcare.Techniques: in-depth interviews, etnographics, shadowing, co-creation sessions and usability tests.Clients: Skype, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony, MasterCard, J&J, Panasonic, Merck, Shire, Renault, Abbott, Itaú

Co-workers: Hall&Partners (worldwide), Truth (London), GravityTank (Chicago), Synovate (Shangai)

Sep 2008Apr 2009

Usability / UX Specialist


Interface design and usability consultancy within innovation process for Positivo Informática - largest computer manufacturer in Brazil and a leader in educational technology.

Participates as team member in defining and clarifying user interface requirements for an engineering team. Experience in pursuing new forms of consumer experiences around content, exploring new technologies to create more consumer-relevant interactions. Experience in translating functional requirements into technical design and user interface prototypes, storyboarding and navigational design.

Aug 2007Aug 2008

Usability analyst

Try Consultoria e Pesquisas

Websites usability analysis and testing, including sites for music, mobiles, news, education, searching, buying/auctions, internet banking, social aid and social meeting. Clients: UOL (Home, Radio, TodaOferta, Educação, Messenger, Shopping, BatePapo, Host), Abril (Ser, Home), Vivo, Terra (Home, Sonora), Electrolux (household appliances),, Orolix, ActionAid, Citibank.

Mar 2005Aug 2005

Accessibility consultant

Consejo de Juventud - Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

Spanish goverment organization for promotion of culture and leisure for people with disabilities. Urban accessibility and 'tourism for all' consultancy for country hotels in Zaragoza/Aragón.

Sep 2003Mar 2005

Industrial designer

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Unicamp

Design of industrial components for companies - SuperZinco (Campinas, SP) and Nissan (Curitiba, PR).


Jul 2005Aug 2007

Mechanical Engineering

Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Unicamp

Pós–graduation stricto sensu. Usability and accessibility in industrial products, endorsed by Bosch/Siemens.

Colaboration from other institutes/universities:

FEF-Unicamp: "Atividade Física Adaptada"

FAU-USP: "O Design posto em Questão"

MED-USP: "Introdução à Bioengenharia"

Sep 2000Sep 2003

Industrial Design

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia - UPV

Internships:Design for the World – Barcelona, Spain [Out/2002 - Sept/2003]Design for the real World – Valencia, Spain [Out/2002 - May/2003]Daimler Chrysler – Ulm, Germany [Aug/2001]


Interest in tangible computing, ubiquitous computing, connected embedded objects, mobile devices, general observations of user experience, ethnoghaphy in industry.




Portuguese/Spanish: bilingue

English: fluent

German: basic


IX ODAM – Human Factors in Organizational Design and Management: “Development of a New Tool for Usability Evaluation for Inclusive Environments”. April/2008Master dissertation: “Desenvolvimento de uma Ferramenta de Avaliação de Usabilidade para Produtos e Inclusão Social”. Jul/2007First Meeting Social Inclusion in High Education Institutions, PUC-MG: “Acessibilidade e Design Universal para a Inclusão Social”. Out/2006Congresso de Arte Textil - Museo de Formas, Espacios y Sonidos de Costa Rica: “Design Universal y el Papel del Arte Accesible”. Sept/2006Graduation Final Project: “Rediseño del Botiquín de Medicamentos "Emergency Health Kit" a partir de Criterios de Design for Logistic y Aportaciones de Reutilización”. (Project endorsed by MSF and OMS). Sept/2003


Professor “Avaliação de Interfaces”. Instituto FaberLudens, April/2009World Usability Day. Curitiba, Out/2008World Usability Day. São Paulo, Nov/2006"Design Universal". Centro São Paulo de Design. April/2006IV Senabraille. SENAC SP. Dec/2005


User researcher and user experience professional for innovation of products and services. Experience working with strategic design, interaction design and user research methods.-Academic and working knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods.-Ability in evaluating interfaces and services, co-creating with users or clients and moderating discussion panels.-Extensive hands-on experience in organising and applying research projects in commercial settings. -Experience coordinating work of small cross-functional teams in Latam for local and international projects, organising time and resources across multiple work streams.-Accomplished in recognizing usage implications from behavior patterns and translating research results into actionable design decisions.B.A. Industrial Design (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain).MDes Accessibility and Usability (Unicamp, Brazil).Worked for local and international projects with companies like Skype, MSN-Microsoft, UOL, Positivo Informática, Mastercard (São Paulo/Mexico City), Nokia, Panasonic, Sony (São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro) and Yell (Latam), Pepsico. Worked with medical issues like women's health, medical technology usage, obesity, cancer, plastic surgery, Fabry disease, AIDS, Gaucher disease, for companies like Novartis, Abbott, Merck, J&J, Shire...Co-organization of World Usability Day (2008, 2009 and 2010).Co-founder and board member of Usability Professionals' Association - Chapter São Paulo.Regional Coordinator 2011 for Latin America at Usability Professionals' Association.


Usability Professionals Association 2010 International Conference. Munich, May/2010

Workshop: Exploring Advanced Facilitation of Usability & Design Activities. Munich, May/2010

1º EBAI - Information Architect Meeting. São Paulo, Out/2007Ergonomics Society Conference. Cambridge, UK. April/2006Seminary “Quality Assurance in Vocational Training to People with Disabilities: a European Perspective”. Brussels, Dec/2004Seminary “Design and Architecture for Hospitals”. São Paulo, 2004Seminary “Design for Necessity. Porto Alegre, 2004Course “Introduction to Bioengineering”. Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia y Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 2003Course “Elimination of Architectural Barriers for Physical Accessibility”. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 2002