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Work experience


(Freelancer) Computer Vision Expert

Cognotekt (Köln)

Document processing and OCR extraction of nonuniform and distorted legacy document scans.

  • C/C++ and Python development on Linux and Windows
  • OpenCV (SIFT, HoughLines, TemplateMatching)
  • Software-Architecture and performance optimization
  • Semantic OCR combining Tesseract and OpenCV
  • CI and Dockerization

Measurement Product Development (self-reliant)

Icy 3D (Bonn)

Development of a portable 3D scanning solution using moblile phone, a USB depth camera and a small backend.

  • C/C++, Java/JNI, Python development on Android, Linux and Windows
  • OpenCV on mobile devices
  • Real-time 3D reconstruction algorithms
  • Mqtt network communication
  • Multi-sensor calibration and data fusion
  • Porting multiple libraries onto ARM architecture

(Freelancer) Interim Program Lead LTE-M Prototyping

T-Systems International (Bonn)

Coordinating multiple workstreams in a prototyping program showcasing the power of the newest IoT connectivity technology: LTE-M. Performing scouting and selection events, pitching sessions and evaluating start-ups. Launching the core prototyping phase with the result of 10-15 functioning prototypes culminating in the LTE-M Prototyping Summit.


Product Owner Vision 3D

Apodius - a Hexagon Company (Aachen)

Forwarding the world's first 3D reconstruction and fibre measurement system used in car and aerospace production environments. Establishing scrum standards within the company. Planning an architecture overhaul of a monolithical system towards an agent/node based system similar to microservice architectures.

  • software development in C#, WPF and C/C++ on Windows
  • computer vision using Emgu/Open-CV
  • optimizing the workload in a performance heavy real-time system
  • planning the architecture foundation of the company
  • establishing scrum standards throughout the company

IT Project Manager

REWE Digital (Cologne)

Planning the warehouse it tool chain for REWE's e-commerce platform with the goal of beating Amazon Fresh to the market. Mediating between agile and classical company structures and partners, breaking up legacy systems towards a microservice architecture, developing proof of concepts, tutoring on company transparency.

  • planning an automated warehouse
  • product owner of the currently used warehouse management software
  • test automation for the approval of external software releases
  • IT integration of the REWE pick-up station
  • barcode / labeling software for our current warehouses
  • offline storage locator for the setup of new warehouses
  • DB tooling for the delivery region expansion calculation
  • Java software development on Windows

Research Associate

Fraunhofer IAIS (Bonn)

Research & development on an underwater robot of the german navy for the autonomous exploration of the sea ground. Planning the system architecture and communication middleware, integrating proprietery hardware interfaces, tutoring academic qualification works.

  • Java, C/C++ software development on Windows, Linux, OS9000
  • robustness analysis of different object detection algorithms on sensor data images
  • realtime object detection using a combination of heuristics with edge and corner detection as well as SURF and pattern matching algorithms
  • realtime motion planning in 2D/3D (VFH*, potential fields, dubins path)
  • occupancy grid mapping represented by 2D probability images
  • ROS UWSim (underwater simulator)
  • dynamic parameter optimization using genetic algorithms in large parameter spaces

Co-Founder / Lead Web Architect

Uplivion Technologies GmbH (Berlin)

Integration and streaming of C++ based computer games in the web browser. Bringing a youtube like click & play experience to the AAA gaming market. First price in the business plan competition Berlin-Brandenburg.

  • C/C++, Java/JNI software development
  • image compression and streaming

Research Assistant

Active Vision Group (University of Koblenz)

Serialization of SLAM graphs in the robotics project macropod.

  • C++ software development on Linux
  • matching of velodyne 3D laser range finder data
  • creating an easily navigatable vehicle motion history using efficient storing and loading techniques for its representative SLAM graph

Research Assistant

MMSPG (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Realization of the DMFCam - a self-adjusting helmet camera system always pointing towards your sports partner in skiing or similar environments.

  • C++ software development on Linux
  • object detection using color matching and histogram backprojection
  • camera calibration
  • adaptive color correction
  • position tracking using kalman filtering of adjacent images
  • position tracking using heuristic size matching within adjacent images

Research Assistant

Active Vision Group (University of Koblenz)

Study on image region classification using the wavelet standard deviation descriptor. Third price in the best paper category at IMCSIT MMAP Conference, Poland.

  • Java Software-Development

Practical Course

Active Vision Group (University of Koblenz)

Developing an autonomous robot platform and participating as a team in the World RoboCup 2009. Scoring 1st in the rescue league and 4th in the @home league.

  • C++ software development
  • boost framework
  • ROS like system architecture / agents/ nodes / services



Computer Science Diploma

University of Koblenz

Studies of Computational Visualistics with main subjects in robotics and image processing.



Rechberg-Gymnasium Donzdorf

Receiving the german university-entrance diploma with main subjects in mathematics & sports.



Skiing, Beach- & Indoor-Volleyball, Wakeboarding, Climbing, Piano, Design & 3D Printing, VR