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5 years + attachment with Social Media Networks   - I understand the importance of advertising: this is what drives a business to success I believe. - A successful person is someone who is hungry to advertise his business daily. - I know to succeed you have to be determined to succeed - I have a lot of determination(If i want something i will do my best to get it) - I am very focused - I love a challenge and to succeed - I have great general internet marketing knowledge - I know HOW to attract clients to a business - I do not give up easily - I am friendly and a very nice person in general - I can present a company well - I have patience - I know how to work within a dead line - I understand of what someone expects of me - I understand without effort there are no results - I understand that advertising is an absolute MUST for any business everyday   Excellant knowledge of using online marketing and social media as a sales platform.
I have excellent knowledge of social media advertising.   I can easily:   - get your business on social media sites - get you an online presence and build you a powerful reputation - get you a professional website/blog and keep updating it daily for you - search for GOOD and QUALITY free or paid themes that will suit your niche best - do keyword search - get targeted traffic. (Any traffic is good, but targeted traffic is what counts the most) - set up a Facebook profile and a professional looking Facebook Page for your brand - get you NEW page likes on your Facebook page - set up a QUALITY Facebook cover for your Facebook page - post status updates daily (status updates that hook your audience) - open a Facebook group for you - create accounts on many different social media sites for you or your business - posting comments, like other comments - get you NEW followers on Twitter  - set up a LinkedIn profile, a professional looking Page for your brand. - set up a Pinterest(a Fastest Growing social Network) profile for your brand.  
Web Designing
I am a frontend designer of webpages with attractive themes and also pretty experienced with the usage of Bootstrap , FontAwesome etc. Can slice any psd file into a webpage quickly from the scratch


I am quite interested in handling accounts and people , Web Designing and Programming , Crazy about new Technology , Nutrition (Products like Herbalife)

I am a very big Dance fan.  I actively participate in all the events andI am the Joint Secretary of dance club of my university i manage and organize events

I love internet/social marketing. I love a challenge and to succeed. The internet is so powerful and if you have a business then you have to make use of this incredible opportunity to benefit from it. That is why i recommend my service especially to you.


I believe I can be a great ASSET to any business venture.

Reasons why you should hire me includes:

I CAN work within a certain time frame and finish the task at hand as requested. (I believe this is very important)

I can:

- help you GROW your business

- get you NEW leads

- get a HIGHER visitor rate % to your website OR blog

- try and help you save money $ on advertising strategies (make more money and spent less)

- set up a website OR blog with best suited theme (the colour is important, the layout, etc.)

- help you turn MORE customers into buyers

- develop and maintain your website OR blog on a monthly basis

- give you more FREE time to do other tasks

- post daily status updates

- make comments

- update your website, blog, Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube,LinkedIn,Pinterest etc. daily for you and keep it active and also give it a boost and give you a BIGGER audience and more likes and more followers.

Work experience

Social Media Manager

- General business marketing

- Getting new leads using FREE advertising with different medias like Google, business directories, article  

marketing, FacebookTwitter, etc.

- Blogging in a specific niche market

Wordpress setup

- Setting up a website or blog and maintaining it

- Set up a Facebook profile

- Set up Facebook pages

- Set up Twitter accounts

- Set up LinkedIn accounts

- Set up Pinterest accounts

- Managing account for limited period.

- Opening up Youtube account and uploading videos

- Using Pinterest

- Using Google Plus

- Getting target traffic

- Getting targeted keywords through good keyword research


Jun 2011Present


Indian Institute of Technology(BHU)- Varanasi