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Volunteer Experience with Children

DESTINATION IMAGINATION Team Manager · 2010-2011

Destination Imagination is an educational program where teams of students work together on open-ended challenges that require creativity, skills, and teamwork to solve.

Team Manager

  • Team Manager for 6 fifth grade students.
  • Responsible for guiding and coordinating activities for group

GIRL SCOUTS OF AMERICA · Croton on Hudson, New York · 2005-Present

Girl Scouts is dedicated to promoting girls and their strengths.The girls are responsible for creating, funding, and running their own activities to the best of their ability based on their age.

 Troop Leader

Responsible for planning and organizing bi-weekly meetings for 14 eight year old girls.Encouraging the girls to take responsibility for their interests and activities.

  • Fundraise for troop activities
  • Develop educational activities for the attendees

Education Philosophy

Education is so much more than imparting knowledge to students.Teachers help children reach their full potential and beyond.A teacher needs to understand the individual student and the class as a whole.Teachers need to use all of the potential tools to reach and educate the students including kinesthetics, audio/visual, technology, group work and scaffolding, to name a few.

One of the struggles for teachers since the beginning of teaching is how to reach the students.Students are primarily individual people.Every child learns at their own pace and in their own way.My responsibility as a teacher is to encourage and demand the best that each child has to offer.My specific philosophy includes incorporating different styles of learning.Children need to move, listen, read, watch, and communicate.My goal is to incorporate all of these into each day.

The best teachers that I have observed incorporate all of these methods into each lesson.Students need to be given responsibility and control over their learning.Each lesson should begin with questions:What do you know?What do you want to know?Why do we want to know more?Students need to understand why they are learning to create incentive to learn.

One of the biggest struggles for teachers since the beginning of teaching is how to reach the students.The tools that are available to teachers include using technology, content that the students care about, and different styles of teaching (again: audio, visual, kinesthetic).Students can also be reached through empowerment.If they are given responsibility for their own learning through group work and project, they will have more incentive to learn.


Chris O'Connor

Proposed Lesson Plans


Work experience

Sep 2005Present


Parent Teacher Association - Croton Harmon School District

CROTON-ON-HUDSON Parent Teacher Association (PTA) · Croton on Hudson, New York · 2008-Present

The PTA is responsible for enhancing the education of the students of Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School and Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School.The PTA organizes and runs fundraisers and activities for an elementary school of 650 children and a middle school of 500 children.

PTA President · 2008-2010 · PTA Volunteer · 2005-Present

  • Help run an organization that raises and spends over $50,000 per school year.
  • Ensuring that all approved activities meet local and state PTA regulations
  • Providing a liaison between the parents and the school
  • Responsible for choosing and contracting with outside vendors
  • Coordinate and run school picture day for over 650 students and faculty
  • Coordinate volunteers for the bookfair, dance party, and family fun events
  • Provide on site support for a variety of events including food sales, and children’s activities
  • Participated in annual PTA audit
  • Run lunch program once a week including ordering food, coordinating volunteers, and financials
Sep 2006Dec 2008

After School Science Teacher

Croton Harmon Union Free School District

Taught after school science program for 1st and 2nd graders.Program consisted of 10 weeks of 1 hour classes with 10-14 children.

  • Created age level appropriate curriculum
  • Designed, set-up and ran science experiments