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Work experience


KAAMAS Advertising & Marketing, Full Service Advertising/Marketing Agency

Manage Creative teams and media; manage data mining/research teams; develop client strategies and proposals; manage all P&L responsibilities, establish web & direct mail capabilities; lead creative, innovative client ideas, products and processes.

Significant Contributions:

  • Developed and managed marketing and advertising teams for new company venture capital startups and supported CJM Planning, an 850 rep Securities Broker Dealer network with powerful selling tools.
  • Developed marketing plans and marketing executions for a variety of start-up ventures for profit and long term growth.
  • Direct Mail, POS, Collateral, Web Marketing for CJM Planning's Broker Dealer network
  • Web Advertising, Commerce and data base acquisition/analysis on a shoestring budget successfully

President/COO/Vice President- Sales


Recruited to position based on strength of advertising success at Kaamas

  • Total startup strategy and implementation for complete company department oversight and management leading to highly successful purchase by larger parent in Pennsylvania.
  • While at helm of company, leadership and expertise focused on capital fundraising and financing, business strategies, develop and manage supplier networks internationally, build and manage international sales force/distributors/importers, all P&L and financial documents, stockholder and B of D management, R&D/Technical lead, patent/intellectual property, all business accounting, logistics and customer service oversight, development and management of all P/R, media and community outreach and branding.

Significant Contributions:

  • Developed new technical positioning and solved a problem that had not been addressed successfully in 50 years on a particular tool that re-entered market that generated exponential sales growth.
  • Reorganized start-up business strategy and operational processes from ground up.
  • Built national sales/marketing network and programs -Direct Sales Team, 24 Premier Broker teams, distributors, export agents - deep penetration into professional builders, painters and all retail markets
  • Achieved Full Chain Distribution, regular national advertising and outside sales support for Sherwin Williams, ICI, MAB, Parker and many others.  Distribution in Ace, Menards and inroads Mass/Box stores
  • Developed new premium brand, product line strategy/packaging/marketing/advertising/DMA/web programs.
  • Created and executed key customer presentations for B2B and B2C sales and marketing
  • Developed unique web site
  • Established new distribution with all major North American customers, which helped to establish strong, sustainable international growth. - major paint chains, Home Improvement, Mass Mdsg/Box, QVC
  • Engineered proprietary logistics, inventory and customer forecasting tools used by other corporations
  • Ranked In the "Top 10" new, innovative tools introduced nationally by Sherwin Williams management in 2005
  • Personally orchestrated the sale of the company to a global paint tool manufacturer for above market value.

CMO & Director of Product Management


Chief Marketing Officer for private label seafood and consumer packaged brands.  Director of Product  Marketing for all product lines, research and development and all commercial strategy. Manage product and marketing managers, all creative media, design and research/data mining teams. Immediate contributions included:

  • Initiation of new product development strategy and processes; increased creative web marketing and positioning in e-commerce for seafood and perishables
  • Team building of analytics and market insights with a substantial increased development for portfolio of iconic international consumer brands.

VP of Product Management & Marketing


Recruited from Minute Tools

Reporting directly to company president of global CPG leader. Oversight of sales, research and development, marketing and operational strategies across the board for domestic positioning of product lines.

  • Manage product management/marketing teams with full P & L accountability with 70% existing product and large account manager, 30% new product launch.
  • Directed graphics and packaging design with direct/oversight for product development and commercialization with responsibility for 12-20 new products yearly with introduction of multiple new brands and launches every quarter.
  • Member of President's Executive Team of 14 key and senior managers representing both domestic and international (Netherlands, England, Germany) markets;
  • Developed effective communication and forward results with oversight and direct reporting from four project managers, one market researcher, an R&D department, one data metrics specialist, and four Vice President/GMs on a regular basis driving cross-functionality at all levels.
  • Lead the intelligence gathering/market research group; and Lead Wal-Mart, Costco & Sam's Club.

Significant Contributions:

Built and implemented a strong, disciplined product management business team with clear strategic accountability, analytics, and stewardship from an informal and tactical merchandising department.

  • Developed Accountable Profit-Centric Product Management/Champion Team through training and mentoring vs. outside recruiting.
  • New Product Innovation Process Implemented - Established disciplined, clear New Product
  • Development process that provided rapid customer execution of industry leading innovations
  • Lead teams that achieved highly successful new product expansion in Wal-Mart, Sam's, Kroger. +20% volume
  • Established Consumer Insights/ Analytics Research Department and Team to drive marketing intelligence strategy & analysis - Proprietary Consumer Research (HUT etc.), IRI, Dunn Humby, Customer QB Data

VP Product Management N.A., VP Marketing, Sales Team Leader – Key Accounts, Marketing Director

  • Comprehensive responsibilities to drive International CPG Baby Diapers/Training Pant; Cross-Functional Team Leader/GM of Major New Product & Technology teams
  • Lead product management group to P&L, Sales and Product Line Strategies/Execution; Lead development and execution of brand matching/superior product innovation & processes; Lead/oversight for NPD project managers;
  • Oversight of all marketing, PR, merchandising; Lead Market Research/Consumer Insights and Product Consumer Testing; Lead many manufacturing, engineering and technical teams to focus on output, new product innovation, system innovation and cross-functional unity.

Significant Contributions:

  • U.S./Int'l Key Customer Program Development - Played integral role as customer sales cross-functional team leader and member to develop strong individualized business building programs directly with key customers.
    • Sam's Club Partnership Plan: More than doubled business and surpassed Nat'l. Branded share through new products, packaging, in-club trial programs, and outstanding customer teamwork.
    • K-Mart Business Turnaround Initiative: Through focused trial advertising programs, packaging, unique retrial promotions and customer partnership, K-Mart store brand diapers grew by 70% in one year.
  • Leadership involvement -  Product line strategic refocusing initiative in 1990 that contributed heavily to a major business turnaround in the 1990's - Over 50% volume growth, multiple times earnings.  Caught up with P&G/Kimberly Clark product performance, regained trade support and partnership, dramatic improvements in packaging, pricing and promotion strategy, trade/consumer marketing and customized data rich sales presentations.
  • New Product Development Team Success - Leader the most successful cross-functional teams that introduced proprietary technology, meeting and successfully competing against aggressive national the brand (P&G/Kimberly Clark) products/programs.  Outpaced Store Brand competitors by 9-16 mo. with product superiority on avg. 65:35 (consumer preference).  Innovations the teams successfully commercialized include: Ultra Thin, the Soft-Stretch® system, Supreme Diaper, Leak-Guard® Leg System, Boy/Girl Diaper, Foam Waist and Compression Packaging.
  • New Production/Packaging System Team Success - Leader of technical teams to dramatically improve and innovate production processes & packaging innovations
    • Packaging Technology Team - Rotary Compression/Auto Packaging/Graphics Technology - corp. cost savings, higher profit/sq. in on shelf and superior brand like quality package appearance.
    • Drum-forming Pad Formation Systems Team - $40MM project/quality & cost improvement
    • Capacity Optimization Team - realigned product lines/equipment strategy to optimize output

Director of Marketing - Almond Roca®, Mountain Bars®, Snack Bars/Food, Chocolates, Imported Specialties & Novelties, Sales management with direct sales, brokers, distributors, C-Store, rack jobbers, exporters, importers; FDA, FTC, USDA


Significant Contributions:

  • Lead Strategic Planning for national market expansion of Almond Roca® from NW stronghold and development of new business categories producing record setting results.  Developed new TV ad pool and other media tools.
  • Developed Record Setting Camp Fire programs instrumental in making Brown & Haley #1 supplier. Introduced two new ground-up products. Sales increased 20%, profits up 30%.
  • Lead packaging redesign for premium Almond Roca and High End Gift Chocolate lines contributing to 20-50% sales increases the following year.
  • Repositioned Easter Gift/Novelty Lines almost doubling profits and led development/roll-out of four new Almond Roca/chocolate items.
  • Negotiated agreement with United Airlines for distribution of over 5MM Almond Roca samples on flights throughout the world.
  • Pioneered Successful Retail Store Initiative - Direct store selling and POS merchandising/demonstration strategy grew Drug sales 35% in two year period and solidified relationships with all F/D/MM head buying organizations.

Assistant Brand Manager - Scope® and Hair Conditioner T-Brand, Sales Training – Cincinnati District, Brand Assistant - Crest®



Consummate and energetic professional with superb CPG career experience across multi-product lines. Precision execution and development of results-oriented marketing and total brand management. Full and inclusive vision, extremely skilled in analytics/segment metrics in how consumer products unfold and dominate market shares. Outstanding cross-functional focus driving innovative decisions and product positioning in highly competitive arenas with results.

Other Achievements

  • 2007 Rockline President's Award:  Team Leader recognition for record Wal-Mart sales and contribution
  • ICI Paints "Most Innovative Supplier CEO" Award - 2005
  • MAB President's Award: "Best Advertising Campaign" - 2005
  • Recipient of 1995 "President's Award" by Weyerhaeuser PCP for Ultra Team's Success
  • Recipient of "Weyerhaeuser Corporate Leadership" Award in 1992
  • "Quality in Action" Seminar Instructor & Trainer - Statistical analysis and Market Research development
  • Honorary "White Coat" Award from Paragon R&D Department for superior Technical support/expertise
  • "Most Technical Marketing Person" award from Paragon Engineering Team
  • Managed efficiently and successfully through 16 months of Chapter 11 environment with PTB



Bachelor of Science

Master of Management (MBA)