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Strategy and Optimization Leader

Executive Management and Leadership

Recruit, develop and mentor high-performance teams that function in a collaborative manner with a high level of personal responsibility, work ownership, and exceptional results.  Proven ability to utilize a mix of hands-on and educational philosophies to meet and exceed corporate expectations. Effectively work in many types of environments – small to large facilities/groups, consultative client services and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders. Provide leadership and direction with the ability to change directions to ensure that results and goals are on timeand withinfinancial parameterswith an emphasis on exceptional customer service and employee relations.

Innovative and Strategic Problem Solving

Create custom programs, processes, and initiatives to address specific financial and operational challenges in the workplace.  As a Learning Center Director, redesigned sales process and operational development using new and innovative approaches to provide better tracking, development, and a reduction in costs resulting in higher utilization by all levels, and a significant increase in cash flow.  As a Director of Sales, developed employee incentives, income generating promotions, and opened new markets for sales strategies to help the company grow its brand. 

 Performance Enhancement and Analytical Consulting

Provide operational assessment, evaluation, and turn-around plans for client-owners of hospitality businesses, independent management units within larger companies, and sales, marketing, finance teams that are failing to meet expectations and goals.  Assembled and supervised a peer-level team of Directors and Managers responsible for financial and operational performance in several business markets across the Midwest.  Establish approaches to maximize utilization, maintain operational excellence, and utilize detailed financial benchmarking data to improve processes across the programs and deliver the highest return on investment.


Chris Jenkins

Just take it from someone who knows him well, he's one in a million. A charming, well-spoken, energetic executive with a pro-active bottom-line mindset. A true self-starter who will "jump start" your business!

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Bachelors of Science

Kansas State University

Outstanding Undergraduate Award ('96-'97)

Eagle Scout (1989)