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Team work & organising
Being a part of business studies I have got various opportunities to gain experience on how to conduct a business through activities like Galaxy Bazaar(GB) & Innovative Product Marketing(IPM) & Research, Power point , publc speaking(rpp). Through GB & IPM I learned how to work & collaborate in a team & org anise & divide work to give our best. 
Other than academics I am highly interested in sports, specifically football & basketball. I have been playing football since last 8 years & have participated in many competitions like mahakumbh, and also in open competitions. I have been playing basketball from when I was 13 . Other than these I also play hockey & have gone for district in the sport. 



*Sketching & Painting


*Listening to music




I want to go for BBA and MBA(HR). I want to join Emirates as, an air hostess . I want to work as, a Air hostess for 2 years at least . I want to help my family and join my family business . I want to join politics , before the age of 35. I want to open a multinational company and hand it over to my brother. I want to work hard for my  12th board

examinations. I want to score well in my grade 12. I want to learn swimming and tennis very soon. I want to go for my football nationals if can.I want to spend time with , my family and simultaneously work . So, i dont loose my grip from work and can give enough time and spend ampule amount of time with family and friends.