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About Snapdo

The gathering of information and having the ability to access that information on the web instantaneously is the motivation behind the tools and widgets developed by Snapdo, a young high-tech company with its headquarters in Israel. The staff of experienced and knowledgeable employees understands the growing necessity of users around the world to be able to gather information, save it, share it and manipulate it in realtime. Reading today's news tomorrow is already old news, and no one is interested in old news. In the quickly changing events and realities of today's world, it is more important than ever to know what's happening in realtime and to stay current with news and events. To make it simple and quick to enter sites and find the information needed, Snapdo makes applications that sit on the browser and are readily available whenever they are needed. The company's goal is to develop easy to use apps and tools that make it fun to share, search, work and play on the internet. 

The Role of Social Networking

Social networking is one of the most popular uses of the web and its popularity is growing every day with new applications, new sites and new ways of staying connected with a virtual community of friends and associates. That being said, no one has loads of time to spend trying to navigate through complicated systems. With this in mind, Snapdo develops tools and widgets specifically designed to make it easy for the end user to find information and share with friends on social media sites. The company developers understand the inner workings of the internet thoroughly and put the most advanced technology into each application they develop. 

Downloading Snapdo Widgets

Getting the free widgets and tools developed by Snapdo are as easy as using them. Any interested user can quickly download them by going into the Snapdo website. The site is easy to navigate and the directions are clear and simple. Once the selected widgets are downloaded, they are ready to use for uploading, tweeting, liking or sharing. They are compatible with the three major browsers, which are Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. If the user ever wants to remove the apps, complete uninstall instructions are also located on the company website.

The Available Tools

By staying abreast of the latest advances and changes in the way the internet is used, Snapdo can develop products that fit the needs of the users. The app Snap it On! Is one example of their app that helps user by extending their current browsing experience. Another one, “Snap it Together!”, is a tool to use on social networking networks. It helps the user share and post articles, photos and comments with only one click. “Snap Capture!” helps users easily manage a function that was once complicated by making it easy to capture screen shots. By selecting an area of the screen or the entire screen, the app allows the user to drag the image, resize it and save it.


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