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Branding / Advertising / Investor Relations / Content Dev / E-Marketing / Budget Management

Trade Shows / Internal Communications / Research, Analysis and Planning / Business Dev

Created highly successful brand recognition, marketing tools and campaigns for large organizations such as Budweiser, The Men s Wearhouse, ConocoPhillips and NASA. Developed strategic communication campaigns for internal and external audiences. Provided approaches to align operations and product/service delivery with brand strategy. Analyzed sales cycles, competition, audience perception, and communication strategies. Designed multi-media campaigns.

Selected Accomplishments:

-     Developed internal communication program to raise Boeing Space Shuttle Program’s employee satisfaction score. Conducted research to measure employee satisfaction and created the messaging and communication tools that contributed to raising the Employee Satisfaction Index from 64 to 71. Boeing experienced increased employee performance, decreased turnover rates and lower costs as a result.

-     Rolled out new brand in 30 days, following merger of Global Marine and Santa Fe International. Two multi-national oil companies with strong brands needed a new image, messaging, ads, taglines and copy to internal and external audiences. Initiated campaign in 40 countries including trademark, slogan, identity, and announcement strategy in major publications. Communicated the merger’s messaging to internal (60,000 employees) and external audiences in six languages using challenging distribution channels (print and online). Improved deal flow and closure by 30% at 2003 SPE and OTC events with personnel training before the event and proactive follow-up after the event. Ketchum & Assoc. measured audience responses as very positive.

-     Published a quarterly magazine distributed to NASA’s Space Shuttle Program employees. Rendezvous-Where Today meets Tomorrow addresses the concerns, victories and challenges of the workforce as they fly out the Shuttle manifest. The publication is unique in its ability to provide relevant, timely and strategic communication across a wide range of teams and work groups. The team I lead develops the editorial lineup through focus groups, creates the copy and supporting graphics then publishes the document through NASA’s intranet.

-      Increased brand awareness from 11% to 68% in year one for Port Freeport, Texas. The Port was overshadowed by the Port of Houston and unable to grow. Public awareness was low. I led a team that developed a comprehensive suite of communication tools including a new logo, positioning statements, tagline, ad campaign, website and interactive CD. The ad campaign won national design and trade awards for three consecutive years.

-     Developed internal branding strategies and communication tools for Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program. I served as an internal communications consultant for Boeing IDS and Space Exploration;charged to help build a performance-based culture that will drive business performance and demonstrate the beliefs and behaviors that made Boeing America's premier aerospace company. My team helped Boeing implement and communicate the program as their business and cultural model. This included leading creative teams to develop inspirational/educational video presentations, print collateral and intranet marketing of leadership’s messages. Boeing is on track to be the largest adopter of this performance model.

-     Led a team that developed tradeshow exhibits for ConocoPhillips and their international energy (gas) markets. Tradeshow events were held in Bangkok, Spain, Brazil, Netherlands and Dubai – each of these exhibits required extensive planning for the locations culture and audience mix.

-     Created IR strategic messaging that contributed to beating S&P averages by 50%. A recent report from Accenture indicated that companies that developed human resource strategies to stimulate innovation and employee development, and then reported their successes in their annual reports, press releases, website, etc., beat S&P averages by 50%. Men’s Wearhouse was one of Accenture’s test cases and success stories. My team developed their annual report, IR websites (using web analytics as a guide), press releases and road show presentations.

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