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In September of 2013 I will have completed an extensive 18 month program for Pharmacy Technician certification from a nationally accredited institution,  as well as logged over 180 hours of externship service in my field. Upon successful completion of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam I will be a nationally registered and certified pharmacy technician. 


I would like to obtain a job working in my field as a Pharmacy Technician. My goal is to assist the Pharmacist in any way that I can given the scope for my practice all the while provide excellent patient care.

Work experience

Mar 2010Mar 2013

Sales Associate


I have worked in the same retail setting for three years. This has helped me enhance my skills in customer service as well as multitasking and creative thinking. For a period of four months I was an acting manager for the store. Working at CATO has helped me develop my social skills and prepared me for working in any type of environment. Also, being an acting manager allowed me to experience a supervisory position that included task such as scheduling, problem solving, task management, and the daily and weekly store profit calculations.  


Sep 2011Sep 2013


Virginia College of Augusta


Ashley Streets

Krystal Baldwin

Cheryl DeSimone