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Work experience


Food Service Officer

Department of Corrections

District Manager

Waffle House

Specialist (Promotable)

United States Army



Business Administration

East Carolina University


Critical Thinking
Able to evaluate information, sort the potentially valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate it to other information is crucial.
Self Management
Strong organizational skills, effective productivity habits, and a strong sense of discipline.
Public Speaking
I've had the opportunity to speak to large groups of people while in military while during training. I've also spoke during meetings to approximately 100 employees as a District Manager.
Microsoft Office
Proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.


Patient Administration Certificate

Department of the Army

Analysis & Design of Computer Aoolications

Fayettville Technical Community College

Firearms Certificate

Department of Corrections

N.C. Department of Correction Criminal Justice and Standards

Department of Corrections



"Business is now the way of the world. We are involved in business activities everyday by shopping, buying, selling, promoting, and discounting. Business has always been a field that I have been interested in, and always excited to learn more about. I have a broad range of experience in other fields, but I have always been interested and excel in business management roles. I am drawn to the demands and challenges of business.

I am a very forward thinking individual that has the drive and ambition to get the job done, which are all traits to be effective in business management roles. I posses strong team-building skills that enables me to work well with and without a group. I have excellent organizational skill that I have gained through my work and academic experience.  I consider my strengths to be:

  • Assessing business situations and identifying important points
  • Ability to make analytical judgments
  • People Management
  • Making decisions

I have great interpersonal skills that allows me to relay information clearly to my target audience. I can prepare and deliver well thought out presentation for business teams.

At the present time I am studying for my business degree I realize that I love to study the subject.  With this my objective is to ensure that customers' experience is nothing other than superb. I am all about motivating employees to effectively deliver the very best experience by building and maintaining a loyal customer base, coaching and guiding customers on the products that are being offered, handling new product, and working as a team to meet individual, and store objectives.

I feel that there is three important points I have learned thus this far from my work experience. The first point is the ability to understand what drives and sustains business. The second point is to look beyond the business trends and drivers. Third point is to be able to meet deadlines and handle pressures of the business.

I am a very outgoing and social person who enjoys spending time with family and friends. I love supporting the local school and volunteer coaching soccer. Being outdoors is a big part of what makes me happy when not at work.

professional Development

Work Experience