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Work experience

Senior Systems Support Engineer

DHL Information Services(Americas)

DHL Information Services(Americas) Scottsdale, Arizona

Senior Systems Support Engineer2005 – 2009

* Provided exceptional 24x7 production support of customer service applications utilizing HP-UX, Unix,

Unix Scripting and IBM/Universe, while maintaining 99.9% uptime, increased from 77%.

* Managed implementation of all approved and accepted programs with near 100% success of deployed

changes, but always taking pains to assure easy rollback.

* Performed technical acceptance testing (Q/A and T/A) for new application releases, collaborating with

Level III software engineers, database and system administrators.

* Proactively designed IBM/Universe and Unix scripted utilities to resolve critical issues, thereby omittingdata error possibilities.

*Developed Unix shell scripts for automating and monitoring background application processes and to aid in the reporting of timely important data.

*Wrote troubleshooting documentation for easy to use resolutions for on call support leading to decreasing the need of support personnel by 75%.

*As the SME (subject matter expert), trained and mentored fellow team members

*Designed data extraction and reports for management in order to better understand the volume necessities which resulted in more meaningful staffing, thereby reducing labor costs.

*Initiated in timely communication with all stakeholders during releases and critical issues.

DHL Information Services(Americas) Scottsdale, Arizona

Senior i-Series Systems Engineer2004 – 2005

*Went on-site to Canada to create knowledge transfer documentation for the AS/400 Manifesting system, written in RPG and Lansa.

*Worked very closely with off-shore Level III programmers to interpret user’s needs.

*Created and modified RPG and CL programs used in the Package Manifest System.

Sterling Insurance, (Life/Accident producer)Phoenix, Arizona

2002 - 2003

CGC Corporation, Scottsdale , Arizona

Provider of construction software for i-Series2001 – 2002

Senior I Series Programmer

*Performed RPG programming for a construction software company on an iSeries platform. Supported the Sylvon (MKS) Change management system for custom software in a multiple release environment, which was maintainedfor a base in excess of200 customers.

* Used extensive RPG / CL experience to assist programmers when they had problems incorporating

changes in their code thereby increasing productivity and spirit.

*Individually instruct or help all the users on the correct usage of MKS Change Management and methods to alleviate problems causing dissatisfaction.

*Designed and programmed tracking software in order to evaluate individual programmer productivity.

*Wrote custom RPG software to supply the customer base with the 1st means of keeping track ofDDS and data base changes, thereby helping to increase satisfaction on the customer level. Converted it to a web based document that was downloaded by the customers.

N&M/SSGSystems Consultants, Inc.Cleveland, Ohio

Service to AS/400 clients in Logistics and retail1987 –2000

Senior AS/400 RPG Developer

*Designed and wrote RPG and CL applications for explosion parts lists for use in the manufacture of

radiation detection meters.

*Convert multiple BPCS A/R programs to blend with a DEC/VAX system replacingselected components from the AS/400 and designed AS/400 standard DDS database specs for flat file migration from DEC/VAX.

*Created 1st documented procedures and programs for daily backups and off site data storage.

*Volunteered and provided in-house RPG and CL training of programming staff, thereby reducing

training costs.

*Managed24/7 on call team reducing number of critical issues by 75%.

*Designed DDS specs and developed programs to translate EDI transaction sets to AS/400.

*Wrote numerous AS/400, RPG programmer productivity shortcuts and utilities enabling the staff to more effectively complete their projects on time and within budget.

*Installed patches, upgrades, operation support to our AS/400 and Midrange customers.

*Wrote EDI programs to send and receive orders and statuses to and from our customers and vendors,

utilizing ISO standards.

* Formed teams to work closely with SAP programmers to integrate RPG software with the SAP package.


IBM, Kofax, Lansa

Received certs in Lansa, Kofax Ascent Capture, IBM.Universe and UniBasic

Scottsdale Community College

Linux Administration

Paradise Valley Community College


Lakeland Community College

Java, C

Ohio State University


Abstract:         Demonstrated ability to work with business, IT management as well as users to establish and gain consensus on goals, objectives and deliverables.  Calm demeanor in attending to critical system issues.  Highest degree of ongoing pro-active application maintenance and enhancements. Areas of technical knowledge:  RPG and CL programming for AS/400 i-Series platform; TATOOLS; Unix and Unix Scripting for HP/UX; Linux; IBM/Universe programming;  Multi-Value and Relational Database programming and documentation;  Network+(TCP/IP protocols); HP Server Environment; Project Management; Aldon Change Management. Applications:                              MS Office 2003, 2008,2010 products;  ITIL process foundation;  Proprietary Retail POS; Logistics; Distribution; Accounts Receivable/Payable;  Manufacturing; EDI; Faxstar; PCMiler interface; WMS;  Pick Basic; HP Service Desk Ticketing and Problem Management; VMWare; Level II support.


Earl MacHenry

Stu is a dedicated Technical/Solution Support Engineer. As a member of our Import/Export Clearance Support team he has been relentless in pursuit of system resolutions for DHL’s operational centers. His availability to his customers and positive disposition is unparallel. Real team player! 

Jay Cruse

Stu and I were part of a technical team that successfully implemented a high-priority US Customs mandated project so extreme it bordered on impossible. It was difficult from a business priority, hardware, software; budget and timeline perspective. Completing the project required engineers with strong technical, analytical and communication skills. Stu was a senior systems engineer and a critical player on the project. He has excellent communication skills with both business and technician staff and works well in a team environment. He remains calm and focused in the most stressful situations. He also has superb analytical skills and was able to locate and fix some very difficult production problems during testing and implementations. I would look forward to working with him again

Shari Brewer

“I have worked with Stuart for the last few years. Any time I had a system problem Stuart was the first IT person I would contact. No matter what time of the day or night I contact Stuart he is always willing to work on my problem Several times he was not even the “On Call” person yet he would spend several hours helping to get an issue resolved. The software program we use is IMPEX. Over the last few years Stuart has developed scripts to help cut the time it takes to correct a problem. One of the issues that we seemed to come across quite a bit is when a file would need to be deleted from the system. Depending on how many shipments were on a file it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to delete the file. Stuart wrote a script so that the IT team could delete the file in about 10-15 minutes….This includes backing the file up prior to deleting it. A problem we face on a nightly basis is being “locked” by another user. We were calling the help desk at least one time every night to have a user force logged out of the system. Stuart recently came up with a solution, which has helped us out tremendously and saved the help desk from getting calls every night. Stuart has done something with the system so that every ½; hour an email is sent to the Brokerage leads stating who is locking the file. This way we are able to go directly to that person rather than call the help desk. Stuart has been a pleasure to work with and will be missed by all of us.” 

Vickneswaran Nadarajan

It has been a pleasure to work in the same group as Stuart Mintz. Having worked together with and supervised Stuart for the past 5 years, I can happily say that he is an extremely hard working individual. He is an excellent team player as well. He addresses day to day IT operation problems in a very efficient manner, providing best in class service to our customers. For example, because of his timesaving IBM UniVerse database utilities, he has eliminated a lot of stress out of our IT incident resolution process and more importantly we were able to service our customers’ problem quickly. He has excellent ability to support large complex systems as demonstrated during his role as Senior System Support Engineer at DHL supporting our shipment import systems that interfaces directly to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for timely clearance of shipments at all ports of entry. He rises to the occasion at hand without hesitation and keeps focus in the company's goals and objectives in his day to day work. I would highly recommend Stuart as a valuable contributor to a company’s IT operation while providing process and cost improvement

Krishna Ramasamy

Stuart been instrumental to the success of his Import Team in the Support Organization. He built a very good working relationship with the team and gain the trust of his business partners in DHL. He worked directly with the customers and suppliers to ensure he delivers the project/tasks on the agreed time. He provides opinion on the enterprise-wide process and procedures. He worked on various technology mainly in the shipments Import domain. His skill-set go beyond Project Management which also include IBM Universe (Suites), Web-sphere, HPUX and Windows O/S

Gladys Panetta

I have known Stu Mintz at DHL for four years during my capacity first as Sr. Business Analyst supporting the business on International Shipping Systems and then as a Senior Import Manager. During this time, Stu's dedication to provide excellent service and his knowledge of our applications lead me to believe that he is one of the best Support Engineers I have worked with and one who would be a valuable addition to any company

Dan Clifford

Stuart is a solid resource, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He has shown the versatility in his positions to change technologies with ease, quickly adding value. Stuart always exhibits a positive attitude, which tends to uplift those around him. He will do well in just about anything he takes on in the future. Always a pleasure working with him. 


*As Business Analyst and SME, provided World Class user and application support, definition and

direction of the most critical of DHL’s applications:U.S. Imports.

*Applied knowledge of Unix Scripting to create easily run utilities to resolve the most critical of issues,

which previously caused downtime.

* High ability to incorporate technical knowledge and inter-personal skills into first-class application

support with platforms such as 10+ years in AS/400 i-Series, RPG and CL, 5+ years in HP/UX Unix

and Unix scripting.

*Produce good and easy to understand documentation, with the enjoyment and ability to mentor peers.

* Proactive approach to problem solving leads to lower support costs and more up-time.

* Co-managed many vital software releases with a high degree of success by leading the life cycle

of these releases, from incident management and resolution, problem creation, through Change Management Implementation.

*Effective time manager in supporting critical issues in a fast paced environment, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

* Defined and delivered the necessary needs to improve critical issues from 77% to 99.7%.

*Elevated user confidence from near-zero to the #1-ranked support service by increasing teamwork, mentoring, and performance of support team 28% regarding all reported issues. * Currently striving to add Linux Administration to my Unix abilities.


Utilize my expertise and inter-personal skills in aiding a company with internal support, Q/A, New release Implementationj


ITIL 1.4

DHL and HP

IBM UniData




Kofax Ascent Capture

Lansa Corp