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Smart Member Services Offer


Founded in 2010, Smart Member Services provides two distinct business services; roadside assistance and VOIP services. With the purpose of providing reliable and prompt service to its members, Smart Member Services endeavours to offer assistance and peace of mind in an emergency roadside situation. With the Roadside Assistance business, members can choose between three different categories to best suit their needs and the vehicle they drive. The service lowers any risks associated with accidents or breakdowns and improves safety across the USA. The service is offered in all 50 states in the United States as well as all the provinces in Canada. There is a 60 day free trial period and every time you refer a friend who joins the service, Smart Member Services offers a month of free SMS services.

The various plans on offer are the Simple SMS Assistance Plan for $19.95 per month, which covers the registered vehicle of the membership holder. This includes cars and trucks up to half a ton, five emergency roadside assistance calls and two tows under 7,5km or to a nearest garage. The membership also includes a locksmith, flat tire change, breakdown and battery recharge. If there is a fuel delivery, the cost of the fuel is additional. For an additional $10 per month there is the SMS Assistance Plan which includes 2 memberships residing at the same household, covers cars, trucks up to 1 ton and motorcycles. There are 5 emergency roadside assistance calls included and a tow up to 280km or 2 tows under 140 km or to the nearest garage. Membership also includes a locksmith, flat tire, breakdown, battery recharge and fuel delivery up to $15. For $39.95 per month, members are offered the Extended Plan which includes 6 roadside assistance calls, a tow of up to 400km or 2 tows each up to 200km or the nearest garage. Over and above the other plans’ cover, this one includes fuel delivery up to $25 and vehicle recovery form a ditch, mud or snow, there is also an additional $50 cab fare for a breakdown. All approved members receive a toll-free roadside assistance phone number. Smart Member Services have a response time on average of half an hour nationwide, however this time can vary depending on the weather, location of the vehicle and distance from the closest provider of the service required.

The other business offered by Smart Member Services is a low-cost, feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solution. All that members need to set up this service is a Linksys PAP2 adapter which converts a digital telephone signal to a VoIP plan, which is provided by Smart Member Services. Members can enjoy unlimited residential calls from as little as $30 per month anywhere in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. There are no activation or hidden fees, no contracts and lots of extra features including caller ID, voicemail and conference calls. There is a Premium Residential Unlimited VoIP package available for an additional $10 per month which offers free calls to an additional 60 countries. Join now for a 30 day free trial of Smart Member Services’s Voip service.