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  I am currently pursuing a minor in Spanish. I have taken three years of Spanish prior to my freshmen year of college. I plan on further developing my Spanish skills in college so I can become fluent in the language. Having this skill will tremendously increase my job opportunities, especially in hospitals where I could possibly be working.   

Work experience

Jan 2008Present


For the past three years I have worked for the same family by helping keep and take care of their two young daughters. By serving as a nanny for two young girls I have learned so much about responsibility and taking care of others. The various duties I perform while serving as Nanny include: providing the children guidance in their studies and schoolwork, making the children play games and other indoor and outdoor activities, driving the children around to after school activities, and watching out for the overall safety and well-being of the children.  

Informative Websites

Work Philosophy

As a rising healthcare professional in the field of dietetics, my personal work philosophy is to educate my clients about how vital a healthy diet is in terms of preventing major diseases and in keeping an overall healthy well-being. Too many people these days are suffering from depression and other mood disorders. What they do not realize is that the foods they are eating could be linked to depression. There is a major need for the country to be informed about their diets and what the foods they are eating could be doing to their body physically, as well as mentally. 

Table of Contents

Among the things included in my portfolio are:


Honors/ Student Organizations


Community Service

Work Philosophy

Work History


Initial Goals

Long-term Goals

Long Term Goals

In the years following graduation, I hope to be a practicing consulting nutritionist in a private practice. I plan on opening a practice in Birmingham, Alabama and starting a family there.

Community Service

At home in Tuscaloosa, I volunteer at First Baptist Church’s nursery, Caring Days, Art for Heart, and the Tuscaloosa Community Soup Kitchen.

Locally through student organizations, I have volunteered at the Tuscaloosa RISE center and have worked with Girl Scouts of the USA. Also, over the summer I spend multiple hours working on campus for the Tuscaloosa tornado's relief efforts. 

Honors/ Student Organizations

Student Dietetic Association of Alabama member

Project Health member

Assistant to Vice President of Student Affairs

Kappa Delta Sorority- Pledge Class President

Bama Mocha Club

Initial Goals

As a student, my initial goals are to maintain a high GPA and continue to make all A's in my classes. Grades are and will always be my top priority. I plan to enroll in the nutrition department's coordinated program and earn my degree in Food and Nutrition. I then plan on sitting for the registered dietician exam and earning my registered dietician's license. I also plan to continue being involved in Alabama's SGA and other campus organizations; I plan on hopefully being on senate one day.


The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL, United States                                                                                                                  Aug 2011 - Present

Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Science, Food and Nutrition

GPA: 4.0

I am currently a student attending the school of my dreams working to attain a degree in Food and Nutrition.  I aspire to enroll in the University's coordinated dietetics program and become a registered dietitian and pursue my career from there.