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Objective Summary (Specifically for Potter Express Co.)

Help you MAXIMIZE your profits and cash flow... in a way that will not only help you meet up with your monthly loan repayment, but help you WIN your banker's full confidence.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Negotiated within budget, a $5.5 million Road Transportation Services project, by re-selecting competent Road Transportation Contractors, negotiating down prices, and establishing a 3-year contract (October 2008 - April 2009).
  • Saved over $250,000 by developing and implementing savings and cost avoidance strategies on major purchase categories such as Logistics and Distribution Services, Machine Spare parts, Site Construction & Engineering Services (including CCTV), Fuel Oil and Gas Oil, Cleaning, and General Support Services (July 2007 - April 2009).


Special Skills

Here are the special skills I have developed that I can directly put to work for you:

  • How to "lock in" negotiated pricing, service delivery specifications, and warranties that FORCE a contractor to deliver best price, service and quality, EVERY MONTH.
  • How to avoid poor contractor service that causes truck breakdowns and financial penalties from customer - making it unlikely to meet up with monthly loan payments.
  • Certified contract-writing techniques to protect your Company from risks - like being "legally committed" to a poor performing, high-cost contractor for years. (causing loss of profits and cash flow and failures to meet up with loan repayments)
  • A "Systematic Method" for identifying, analyzing and executing cost avoidance and savings opportunities that automatically maximizes total monthly savings, boosts profits and cash flow and enables repayment of loans and other financial obligations.
  • My 4-step “bonding-with-the-team” formula for building STRONG working “bonds” with any team… that facilitates working and learning - VITAL to achieving ANY goal.
  • Closely-kept negotiation secrets contractors don't want you to know. (How to use them to get the best deals reserved only for savvy buyers and best customers)

Work experience

Jul 2006Apr 2009

Acting Procurement Category Manager

Jan 2005Jun 2006

Graduate Management Trainee (on 18 months Companywide Rotation – Human Resources, Sales, Supply-Purchasing)

Apr 2004Dec 2004

Raw Materials Storekeeper & Acting Warehouse Coordinator



Jun 2008Jun 2008

1 Week Training Workshop - Theme: Sourcing & Supplier Management Strategy Development and Implementation

Diageo Africa Procurement


Oct 1998Jun 2003

Masters Degree

National Advanced School of Engineering (ENSP)