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Student Organizations


Supply Chain Management Association

During the school year, I attend meetings where this club brings in business professionals from all over the world to give insight and help us network in the business world

Leadership Experience

Tutoring Experience

Worked with the Loyola Academy at Brophy College Preparatoryto tutor kids grades 4-6, 2010-2012

Immersion Trip

I helped coordinate a group of twelve fellow Brophy students to travel to Puebla, Mexico in 2011. The primary goal of this trip was for all of us to immerse ourselves into the culture of the Pueblan people. During our trip to Puebla, we broke up into smaller groups and lived with families that provided hospitality in exchange for work  for a few days. From this experience I have learned what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes from an entirely different background. 

Work experience

May 2013Jan 2014


Dutch Bros. Coffee

Handcrafted espresso based drinks and provided consistent service to a diverse customer base.


Aug 2012Present

Bachelor of Science

Arizona State University

Graduated from Brophy College Preparatory in 2012.

Awarded the Dean's Scholarship at ASU August, 2012.

Scheduled to graduate from ASU Spring, 2016.