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Most sports, movies, books,board games, word games, video and computer games, card games,hanging out with my friends and family.


Fast to learn, adapt fairly quickly, well-defined conversation skills, think fast, good work ethic, not influenced by others, honest and straight talking, ethical, team player, people skills, money handling experience, good customer service skills, and above average judge of character.


Find full-time interesting work, reasonably close to Rochester, MN.

Work experience

Aug 2012Jun 2013


The Bear's Den

Morning shift cook, alot of prep and doing dishes.  Stock and clean 

Feb 2013Jun 2013


Zumbro River Cafe/Dunn Brothers Coffee

Cooked, Cleaned, Prepped, Closed...

Aug 2010Jun 2012


Rochester Golf & Country Club

Prepared and cooked food, prepared and served banquets, worked cold-side preparing and cooking salads, pizzas and desserts. Opened the cold-side, cleaned and worked action stations for banquets.

Sep 2011Feb 2012


Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Prepared over 300 menu items to speculations as well as cooked over 300 menu items on a 4 person line. Cleaned, scrubbed and mopped. Cleaned the hot/cold side every day. Did dishes when needed as well.

Jun 2009Oct 2009


Complete Music

Set up and maintain system, discuss events with clients in advance, play music and make announcements

Apr 2008Aug 2008

Ground Crew

Tlougan Roofing

Tear-off of old roofs, setting up ground maintenance tools, unload shingles, prepare roof for new shingles, help get the roofers all the necessities, rake up all debris, make sure there are no scuffs on the siding, tending the roofers, make sure all equipment is properly serviced and put away.

Jan 2008Mar 2008


Landscaping, Hidden Treasures

Laying sod, planting trees, special designing walkways and gardens, running skidloader, pest removal, laying brick and blocks, setting up fountains, hauling mulch, sand and rocks.

Nov 2006Mar 2007


Zadeo's Pizza

Preparing food, keeping kitchen clean, opening and closing store, working register, taking and making orders, getting deliveries out on time, making dough, and setting up for the next shift to start new.

Jan 2006Aug 2006


Pitched my product, used kit to show people how quality of a product it was, got and called all my own leads, drove to sales.

May 2005Dec 2005


PI Pool & Pins

Open and close the bowling alley, run the bowling alley, bartend, cook, clean prepare food, run register, troubleshoot any problems with the bowling alley, cook food to go, clean bar, kitchen, and bowling alley.

Jan 2004Apr 2005


Class Act/Peelers

Cooked and prepared food, cleaned kitchen, crowd control, security of the door, couch room and VIP, worked register, bartended, played music, hired auditions, pop tended, spoke on microphone about specials, prices, rules and any other information.

May 2003Feb 2004

Receiving/ Stocking

Hardware Hank

Received stock, categorized and stocked, entered inventory into system, assembled products, setup sales, carried product for customers.

Dec 2002May 2003

Sandwhich Maker


Opened and closed the store, ran register, ran drive through, prepared food, cleaned and did catering.

Nov 2001Nov 2002


Opened and closed, ran register, bussed tables, prepared food, made deliveries, stocked buffet, hosted parties, took and made orders, cleaned and did bookwork.

Apr 2001Oct 2001

Dishwasher/Prep Cook

Washed dishes, prepared food, cleaned kitchen and took out trash.



Pine Island High School

My GED was obtained through Austin Technical Institute on 2/2000.


Public Speaking
The jobs that really energized me were the sales and DJing. If I didn't have to set up all my own interviews I would probably still be selling. Talking on the microphone made me feel so strong and confident, also playing music was pretty sweet.
Almost all of my jobs have included food in someway, I really just enjoy cooking. I am however open to any field, and would like to learn a skill that I could always use.