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Sloan Leary (born September 29, 1977), better known as The Mad Yak, is an American guitarist, lyricist, self-described "hipster anthropologist," novelist, and author of a punk rock zine.

Leary earned his Bachelor's Degree in Print Journalism at San Francisco State. He has created craploads of articles, blogs and information-type reads for marketing/SEO firms. He is currently an active researcher, novelist, and amazing in a wide range of topics including social media analytics. He is also a lonely pioneer in the field of rabies research and produced more than 50 letters as evidence that public response is "running 5-1 in the doctor's favor." As a professional writer, he hopes to create content that is wonderful for readers and keeps them coming back to purchase more.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Artist/Copy Editor

Hard Candy Publishing
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Oct 2008Present

Ghost Writer

Online Media
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Sep 2011Nov 2012


Acme Vitamins
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