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Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Independent Jeweler

Premier Designs Inc.

In June of 2012 I got the opportunity to become part of an amazing company called Premier Designs. Premier Designs is a debt-free direct sales company specializing in making and selling women's high fashion jewelry. Being an independent jeweler with Premier has given me the skills that I need to speak and do demonstrations in front of small and large groups comfortably. Premier has also given me the skills to speak with people and give them information to help enrich and fulfill their lives which I can definitely apply to my career as a Registered Dietitian working one on one with people. 

Jun 2007Aug 2010

Customer Service

Humana Inc.

    At Humana, I worked as a Customer Care Representative. My job was to complete prior authorizations for patients and physicians on their behalfs, so that they could have their medications if insurance had previously denied paying for it.

    Since I had worked for so many years on the other side of the picture, in healthcare, I really had compassion for what I did. Each time I spoke with a patient needing their medications, I put myself into their situation. I did not treat them as just another phone call. If there was any way possible for me to get insurance to approve that particular medication, I made sure that I found it.

May 2006Jun 2007

Certified Nursing Technician

NHC Healthcare

    As a Certified Nursing Technician, my responsibilities were to tend to the needs of my patients who were in the facility for skilled nursing care as well as patients who called the facility their permanent home. I took care of their most basic needs such as helping feed patients who were not able to do so theirselves, help them use the restroom, give showers, and change bed linens when needed.

    I loved this job with a passion. Most of the patients that I had were not patients to me, but people, friends. I took it very hard when I would have a patient pass away because I would become so close to them. This job taught me a lot about human compassion and how taking care of someone when they are so vulnerable and somtimes helpless, can really build a strong bond between two people.

May 2003Sep 2004

Nursing Assistant

Norton Healthcare

    When I began my employment at Norton Healthcare, it was my first experience working in healthcare. I knew that working with people was what I was meant to do. I immediately fell in love with my job, working with the patients each and everyday.

    I worked on a Cardio Telemetry unit, where I took care of patients with different types of heart issues. My job requirements were to take each patients vital signs and get them anything that they may need to keep them comfortable. Most of my patients were there for long, but I tried to make their stay the best possible while they had to be there.


Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint)
    During my highschool and college career, it was a requirement in almost every class to use Microsoft Word at some point or another to be able to complete some type of project. I know how to create and edit basic documents in this program.     My experience using the Microsoft Excel program came from working at Humana Inc. While working at Humana I became part of a reports team. In this team, we worked extensively with the excel program, imputing as well as extracting data for our anaylists to use.


Sarah L. Mays is a student at the University of Alabama studying to obtain a degree in Human Environmental Services with a concentration in Food and Nutrition. Plans after graduation from the University include a planned internship with the University of Kentucky to complete the education requirements to become a Registered Dietitian. 


Angie Beatty

Gretchen Mackowiak

Derick Hester



    My goal is to work with people who have struggles dealing with an eating disorder, with a focus on obesity. I believe that each person can live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle when they have the right tools to reach their goals.


Weight management, Eating disorders, specifically Obesity, Public Service and One on One Nutrition Counseling.


Jan 2012Present

Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Services

University of Alabama

Currently, I am a student at the University of Alabama studying to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Services with a concentration on Food and Nutrition. My degree from the University of Alabama will allow me to become a Registered Dietitian. With that career, I want to focus on helping those who have specific dietary needs such as those with eating disorders, more specifically obesity.

Jun 2007Nov 2010

Associate of Arts in Healthcare Administration

University of Phoenix

In 2010 I obtained my Associate of Arts in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix by way of online courses. I believe that the knowledge I obtained from this degree will give me an edge when it comes to my field of study. Even though I will be dealing with people with dietary needs, I know some of the healthcare and management side of things which will help me out in and around the office.