Jasmine Liu

Jasmine Liu

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National Formosa University

About Me

Hello! Welcome to Jasmine's blog. I am a student of National Formosa University. My major is Applied Foreign Language. I am a mild and easygoing person. My hobbies are listening to music and reading. I like to learn languages (such as english, japanese and spanish) by listening to music or seeing movies. Here is the blog about my learning.


Hello! Welcome to Jasmine's blog.

My Plan

After graduating, I will keep studying and learning. I will go to book store to buy books. Give myself a time and work hard to let me make my dream come true earlier.

Graduates Interview

  • Interviewer: Jasmine Liu
  • Interviewee: Mrs. Hsieh
  • Current Job Position: administrator (public servant)
  • Job Description: she needs to service people, solve people’s questions, manage other employees, etc.
  • Pay: 40000~45000

She is careful to deal with things since she was studying in university because her major in university is accounting. That makes her be a responsible and careful person. She wishes that she could learn more about communicating and replying properly with people. Although some of the public are kind and friendly, there are still some of the public are very impatient and impolite. She usually has to think about what to do properly to face those public. Because her job needs to face to the public directly, she thinks it is important to learn and know how to communicate with them.

Fantasy vs. reality: This job is much more stable than some jobs of privacy companies, but it still has some disadvantages. It gives her much pressure of her superior or the public. Besides, this job is a little monotonous because she usually processes same questions and tasks.

My Dream

I hope I could be a public servant. I know it need to be patient, positive, and careful. I will do my best if I could become a public servant. After I have a job, I will also keep learning languages as now. I recognize them as a helpful skill and I am interested in learning them, too. I believe they will be useful in my life.

My role model is 吳寶春. I think he is a successful baker. He had a difficult life when he was young, but he never gave up. He made lots of efforts. His attitude usually inspires me so I think “nothing is impossible”. He always keeps learning although his bread is very famous now. He says he will continue baking more different flavors of bread because there is no one can be the best for him. I think if everyone can keep learning and working hard like him, then every dream will be possible.

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