Sarah Lemaster

Sarah Lemaster

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2010 - Present

Prop fabrication, Set dress

Music Video- Moch Orange

A three day project working on a music video for the band Mock Orange.  Prop building which included tombstones, baby carriage, set dressing.  Make-up and Hair on children and band members.

Jul 2012 - Present

Sales Associate/ Assitant Manager traniee

Pet Club

Customer service, stocking, price changes, merchandising, P.O.S. training new employes.

Oct 2011 - Jun 2012

Pet Councilor


Customer Service, Sales, health and cleanliness of animals, stocking, P.O.S.

Jan 2009 - Feb 2010

Animal Tech

Puppies N' Love

Had to take care of the animals, giving them medicine, shots and feeding.  I also had to do customer service by answering question for the customers or letting them see the puppies in the store.

Dec 2006 - Jan 2009

Assistant Manager


As assistant manager,  I had to take care of customers, manage the associates, make schedules, hiring of new employes and training the new employees.  I also had to take care of the animals, by giving them medicine, cleaning the habitats and socializing,  As assistant I also had to make sure we were making daily sale goals, count drawers, and office paper work.


Feb 2010 - May 2011

Associate Specialized Business

Douglas Education Center
  • Teeth - Sculpting, molding, casting, staining, acrylic, silicone, monomer.
  • Life Casting -  Alginate, hydrocal, ultracal, silicone, plaster bandages
  • Sculpting -  Sculpey,  Chavant, WED, foam
  • Hair - Laying, mixing, ventilating
  • Prop Building - Silicone, Two part plastic, wood, acrylic, foam, styrene, kit bashing
  • Painting - Airbrush, spray paint, hand painting, acrylic, water color, oil paints
  • Mold Making - Hydrocal, Ultracal, silicone, fiberglass, poly foam
  • Prosthetics - Life cast, sculpting, molding, foam latex, latex, gelatin, silicone, pros aide, spirit gum,  cabobondo,  application, painting
May 2005

High School Diploma

Gilbert High School




Beauty Make-up

Teeth Fabrication

Prop Fabrication


Mask Making

Applying Appliance

Sculpting Appliance