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Video Portfolio


Media Production

I've used and instructed others on SD and HD video cameras, professional lighting and sound , audio and radio equipment, teleprompters, camera mounts and set design.

Post Production

I have over 12 years experience editing on Final Cut, AVID or Adobe Premiere software.

Television Credits

Charles Snider Show - Producer, Director, Editor, Camera 

Nominated in the Houston Chronicle's "Best Of" competition for local TV - We won second place!!

Charles Snider Show was a late night Interview Show.  Our audience was men, ages 21-32 middle to upper class, enjoyed nightlife, popular music and entertainment, and were college educated.  We interviewed musicians, actors, comedians, authors, and extreme athletes.  We shot in trendy lounges and on location at events. 

PSA Dude - Producer, Host, Camera, Editor

PSA Dude was a weekly event announcement show aimed at men and women ages 18-32 who were active in the arts, volunteer, and young professional communities.  I shot on location at non profits and on the streets of Houston. The show was fast paced, announcing ten to fifteen volunteer opportunities, art events, free concerts, and other community events.

What it Do - Producer, Host, Editor

The evolution of PSA Dude, What it Do was a daily video blog on air and website spotlighting local events, production tips and HMS TV schedule.  It was very fast paced, irreverent and unlike anything on the air at that time.

Reason To Live - Creator, Host, Producer

Reason to Live was a live advice show.  The show broadcast after 11pm on weekends so we could be more experimental with the look and allow candid, non-screened calls.  This is the first TV program I "tri-mulcasted" on cable, online video stream and online radio all at once.  We started the show as an experiment in community service.  The response was overwhelming and we were lauded for our creativity and cutting edge approach to live television.

Other community programming

  • DJ in a Box - Live, interactive DJ mix show airing Friday nights.  Featured local DJ's mixing  live.
  • Houston Chess Champions - Live, call-in, interactive chess match.  Over-the-top production value and record setting call volume.
  • NC-17 Newscast - Weekly irreverent news local news program on public access.
  • Coin Collecting for the Interested Individual - Live program about coin collecting.  Unexpectedly popular!
  • Kung Fu Theater - Classic kung-fu movies aired Saturday afternoons on public access
  • Supa Bad Cinema - Classic blaxsploitation films aired Friday nights on public access
  • Another Inconvenient Truth: Ocean Bankruptcy
  • Another Inconvenient Truth: Weapons of Climate Destruction
  • Community Dialogue (Houston Authors and Publishers)
  • World AIDS Day Telecast (AIDS Foundation)
  • Houston Young Moviemakers Showcase (Houston Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Taiwan Media Interviews (Taiwan Cultural Center)
  • The A List (The Hope Foundation and Asian Pacific American Heritage Foundation)
  • SteveTV Tours (The Weather Museum, The Natural Science Museum)
  • Heretical Samurai Concert (Japanese Consulate)
  • Young Authors Showcase (Writers in the Schools)
  • Hurricane Preparedness Show (Houston Red Cross)
  • Adopt a Pet (Houston SPCA)