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Informatics and Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Software and Hardware, Networks, Virtual reality.

System managing, Unix-like operating systems, mainly Red Hat / Fedora based.

Brief Bio

➡ Introduction:

Born in 1981, Male, Italian.

My name is Salvatore and I’m mastering Computer Science Engineering for Intelligent Systems at University of Palermo, Italy. I graduated in november 2004, as a Computer Science Engineer with result of 110/110.Programming experiences in: Basic, QuickBasic, VisualBasic, C, C++, Java.Specific programming languages known: SQL, Gams, Prolog, Lisp, S-Golog, UML, Matlab, XML, AIML, LSL, mIRC scripting language and something more.

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✔ E-Mail: [email protected]

➡ Instant Messaging:✔ MSN: [email protected]✔ Skype: slbwirefly✔ Yahoo: slbwirefly


Nov 2004Present

Master in Computer Science Engineering

University of Palermo
Sep 2000Nov 2004

Computer Science Engineer

University of Palermo