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·Seeking a position as an RF Technician, or Hardware Developer, in an environment that encourages innovative thinking, recognition, and career development.  I’m confident that my passion for technology and electronics development, together with resourceful experience and academic skills will enable me to make a significant difference to the shared goals at your company







3 years experience in Embeded Systems and Programming Microcontrollers/Microprocessors. Passionate about Firmware(Hardware) design and development using C, C#, C++, Assembly, and other various programming languages.At my university I was a Team Lead at my Tech. Project. Our project was based on a device that was capable of measuring distance using the laser. We used CMOS camera, image processing, and dsPIC30F microcontroller for this purposes. Personally I wrote 150 pages of C code for this project.Right now, I'm working on a freelance project. It is my own project, of designing, coding and assembling a CNC Controller. The device, that is capable of communication between milling machine and the computer. Also, experience with testing, tuning,assembling, debugging and improving IF/RF boards. I was working with top-edge high frequency up and down converters, and power amplifiers specifically designed for military purposes for satellite up and down-link. I performed calibration tests, improved testing procedures by making them automatic(using LabView software), and was working on the design improvement of various IF/RF boards.


Dmitri Tchelnokov

Asad Maham

Hovhannes Petrosyan

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

CNC Controller Design and Development

Own Freelance Technical Project

·Designing the hardware schematic, and PCB layout, using Eagle Software

·Coding the driver for the Controller in Embedded C/C++ and Assembly, using MPLAB Software

·Using CAN Protocol for communication between dsPIC30F microcontrollers, stepper motors (x, y, z axis of               milling machine), and other various components

Jun 2010Sep 2011

RT Technologist

ITS Electronics

·Improved IF/RF Modules with various microwave components and tested hardware DC boards

·Efficiently tested and tuned Microwave and Millimeterwave active devices(for X/Ku/Ka Band), such                            as: Up/Down  converters, Low noise/Power amplifiers

·      Successfully calibrated and operated microwave test equipment for troubleshooting down at components            level 

Jan 2007Feb 2009


ADC Professionals

·Computer/Laptop HDD Formatting, BIOS Configuration, MS-DOS debugging

·Component replacement, system diagnostics, installation & configuration of software

·Advance experience with Dell, Compaq, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Asus, and Sony laptops

·Organized wide network of operations over GTA and Internationally