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Work experience

Jun 2008Apr 2009

Senior Systems Engineer

Transaction Network Services Ltd.

As a member of TNS Dublin’s Development Team:  • participated in development of credit card authorization applications for TNS    Payment Services running on different platforms (Linux, SCO Unix) communi-    cating in APACS protocols over TCP/IP and X.25 networks  • created and executed integration test plans  • improved and created several test and development tools

Jan 2006Jun 2008

Senior Software Engineer


Played a part in development of Corvil’s leading network performance managementsystem as a member of the packet processing team:  • Implemented Top-N network traffic statistics  • Developed scripts for automation of network modelling within the product  • Took part in implementation of event-triggered traffic capture  • Formed C++ and Python unit-tests as well as integration tests  • Maintained and developed an automated development team build server using    CruiseControl, Python/bash scripts and Django web framework (for presenting    code coverage and performance test results)  • Initiated and maintained Development Department wiki

Jul 2003Dec 2005

Head of Software Development Group

SOOP s.r.o.

Maintained support for the projects of extensive information system transformationfor two major banks in Slovak Republic and Czech Republic while partially still in thedevelopment position:• Cooperated on design and led team of 5 during implementation of parallel service  programs for intra-database communication, spawning and controlling applica-  tion background processes, as well as for inter-database data transfer• Contributed to the information system reconfiguration and deployment prepara-  tion• Developed several configuration tools for company’s internal test environment  using C, C++ and Perl• Designed and coded database monitoring web-based tools (monitoring of applica-  tion daemon processes, various database statistics) using Perl/CGI, HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, XML, XSL• Delivered excellent customer technical support and product maintenance

Aug 1998Jun 2003

Software Engineer

SOOP s.r.o.

Participated in information system projects for two major banks in Slovak Republicand Czech Republic built up on various operating system platforms (MS Windows, IBMAIX, IBM OS/390) using C, C++ and OCI (Oracle Call Interface)/ODBC over OTL (Or-acle Template Library):  • Implemented and tested low-level Oracle database-driven console applications      for inter-database data exchange as a replacement of the standard Oracle database      links in the distributed bank environment  • Coded applications for launching and automatic management of endless stored      database procedures (“database daemons”)  • Developed applications for internal bank account statement transfer



Developed using Django Framework too.


Photography, fitness, music, reading, wiki, kite flying


Software Developer with experience in client/server Oracle database applications with some team leading experience, with strong knowledge of C, C++, STL, OCI/OTL, Perl, CGI, with knowledge of MFC.


Languages: C, C++ , Python, bash, Perl, SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl/CGIAPIs: C++ STL, Boost Library, Django, Oracle Call Interface (OCI), OCI over OTL (Oracle Template Library), ODBC over OTL, CGI, Win32

OS Platforms: Linux, MS Windows NT/2000, SCO Unix, IBM AIX, IBM MainframeOS/390