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You cannot look for a property to buy in Toronto and not hear, at one point or another, of Richard Sherman and his brokerage firm Slavens & Associates. The company he co-created with long-time partner Darren Slavens benefits from a strong reputation throughout the region for the incredible deals it has been securing for its clients ever since it was founded in 2007.

Enthusiastic by nature, Richard brings that incredible energy and contagious drive to the office where he helps propel the company forward. With his huge field experience and negotiating skills unlike any other, he is one of the main forces at Slavens & Associates and one of its best assets. But if he represents the “Broker of Record”, meaning that he will go out of his way to satisfy his clients, he also acts as a mentor for new members of the company who can always count on him for support and sharing his invaluable knowledge of the market.

Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc.

435 Eglinton Ave West

Toronto, ON M5N 1A4

Tel: 416-483-4337