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As a leading expert in the fields of Strategic Grant Writing, Nonprofit Organizational Development, Capacity Building, and Community and Organizational Development, Skylar Joyner is passionate about Social Work, Grant Writing, Nonprofit Management, Research, and leveraging Information Technology for maximizing Organizational Productivity. For more than fifteen years, he has successfully built dynamic and effective multi-tiered cross-disciplinary programs for multiple nonprofit organizations to ensure that they achieve their mission focus and simultaneously create enhanced socioeconomic capacity.

As the current CEO of Community & Business Development, LLC, (CBD) he is a key executive catalyst towards Connecting Communities with Business. Success can be summarized by strengthening community collaborations, leveraging his expertise in Information Technology as 1 of only 1,000 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, and promoting innovative social entrepreneurship tools in an effort to increase funding and sustainable capacities in a Triple-Win outcome.

Mr. Joyner is a widely sought after Consultant and Lecturer for organizations, universities and philanthropic institutions to increase financial capacity and fiscal engagement in communities, collaborations, and partnerships. Prior to to becoming the CEO of CBD, he founded the Grant Writing Innovation Center in 2001, while partnering with hundreds of executives as a Consultant at the YMCA, Urban League of Kansas, Boy Scouts of America, and was a Senior Vice President at the Kansas Grant Writers Association. He currently serves on multiple Advisory Boards including Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals Forum, The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), The Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE), The Futurist Society of America (FSA), and the Forum of Global Social Innovation (FGSI). 

Mr. Joyner has written numerous grants, proposals, and nonprofit management business plans for CEO's, CFO's, Nonprofit Organizations, and Academic entities as both a professional and student.  He also currently serves as the Bill & Melinda Gates Endowed Chair in Grant Writing for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bio Snapshot

Bio: Skylar Joyner is a PhD student and Textbook Author at the University of Texas-Arlington School of Social Work. He identifies as a Social Worker, Cyber Security Specialist, Futurist, and a Quadroon (3/4 Caucasian, 1/4 African-American).

After spending the great majority of his youth in and out of foster care, he learned to listen more than speak every day.   This wisdom was instilled in him by 3 specific amazing mentors that made the biggest impact in his life to this day- a social worker skilled in mastering learning disabilities/foster care resources, a cyber technology/IT security expert long before today's global internet was adopted, and a real estate developer/investor that taught him about how real estate is the cornerstone of consumer life spending cycles as well as socioeconomic cycles and bubbles can be statistically predicted--->which has led him to an academic passion in Real Estate Trends, Bubbles, and Cycles.  

After struggling with math throughout his adolescence, he was officially diagnosed with Dyscalculia, a significant learning disability which compounded his congenital hearing loss in terms of overcoming obstacles. He overcame multiple obstacles by working with his mentors daily, in a never-give-up mindset in terms of determination and inspirational sense of empowerment. Realizing that failures in life only give achievements a higher priority, he has leveraged higher education and emerging technology to become an award-winning cyber security expert, grant writer, entrepreneur, textbook author (Marriage and Family, The 21st Century Approach), and community leader. His two greatest accomplishments to date are reuniting with his birth mother and birth family in 2000 for the first time ever and bravely adopting emerging health technologies via invasive multiple stem cell cochlear implant surgeries.

Skylar has co-founded several nonprofit enterprises and is a founding member of the North Texas Technology Cybersecurity Organization, Nonprofit Grants, LLC, and most recently he was elected as the CEO of Community & Business Development, LLC (CBD) with the primary goal of leveraging Technology for optimizing funding/ROI for Nonprofits, Community, Real Estate, and Business Development in today's innovative global world order. 


Jun 2008Jul 2010

Masters' Degree in Social Work - Specialty in Administration

The University of Oklahoma

Grant Writing, Social Sciences Technology, Qualitative Research Methodology, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Stem Cell Innovation,  and APA Format Expert. 

Aug 2005May 2008

Bachelors' Degree in Social Work - Specialty in Administration

Wichita State University

Grant Writing, Social Sciences Technology, Qualitative Research Methodology, The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Stem Cell Innovation,  and Cybersecurity. 

Aug 2000May 2005

Applied Associates' Degree in Teaching Higher Education

Santa Monica College

Cybersecurity, Human Resources, and Graduate Level Teaching

Teaching Philosophy

Eclecticism is the philosophical approach which guides my pedagogy. Eclectic, defined as, selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles (Merriam-Webster, 2015). My pedagogy is a combination of constructivist, progressivism, and the critical thinking paradigm. During my travels with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, engaging with a wide diversity of cultures, people, learning styles, and teaching has truly prepared my classroom expertise, standards and competencies which are necessary to provide exceptional social work education.

Recognizing that teaching and learning is a reciprocal dynamic process that engages each member of the classroom working together; I strive to create an environment where students are encouraged, feel empowered to express themselves, and are engaged in the process of learning. Expanding students’ interest beyond minimum course requirements and the goal of attaining a grade. I yearn to engage students to learn because they are vested in their education; feel valued, and trust that their thoughts and experiences are relevant and applicable to the course content. My objectives as an instructor are: (1) create a safe learning environment that will foster constructive scholarship;         (2) combine theory and application to spark student enthusiasm for knowledge; and (3) enhance critical thinking beyond the classroom walls to make a significant impact in the world on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels!

Thought Leadership in Entrepreneurship/Nonprofit Management

Expertise in grant writing, entrepreneurship, startup venture, business development and nonprofit management. Founded  fifteen nonprofit organizations,  a nonprofit trade association, a disability & technology advocate and leader of the annual Arlington Disability Inclusion Conference. Written dozens of blogs, magazine columns, research articles and interviewed on radio, podcast and television shows on the intersection of technology, social work, and entrepreneurship. Served as a CEO, HR Director, IT Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Fellow, Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Nonprofit Consultant/Grant Writer at several different nonprofits, foundations, and business incubators.


Jan 1999Present

CEO/Grant Writer/IT & HR Director/Cybersecurity Expert/Consultant

Bridging The Intersection of Technology, Social Work, and Nonprofits