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Work experience

Internet Developer / Variable Print Programmer

Corporate Press
  • Responsible for developing, implementing and assisting sales people in selling web-enabled technology to augment standard print processes, including web-to-print applications and personalized URLs.
  • Develop scripts and programs to automate processes and manipulate data beyond the capabilities of the standard data processing processes and software
  • Developed and modified variable print programs written in PReS.

Achievements: Developed an automated process for handling the daily needs of one client, the National Wildlife Federation.  This process ran automatically and combined the capabilities of Mail Manager and PReS, saving 4-6 man hours per day.


Internet Consultant

Self Employed
  • Handle all aspects of site design and programming for dozens of client websites from a wide range of industries.
  • Responsible for dealing directly with customers, vendors, contractors and employees. (including hiring and firing)
  • Recently developed a number of personalized URL websites to be used in conjunction with client mailings to personalize the end user's experience and track the effectiveness of the mailing.

Achievements: One recent project included developing, testing and implementing an advanced, scalable Web to Print application for mortgage loan officers and investment advisors of 5/3 Bank, including a wide variety of templates, on-line proofing and approval and multi-piece "kits" with a fully capable e-commerce engine with an payment gateway.     


Internet Developer / Variable Print Programmer

Miami Systems
  • Responsible for building Internet Applications for both internal and external customers utilizing DHTML, XHTML, Perl, PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL and AJAX.
  • Developed and modified variable print applications using Perl, shell scripting, Compuset, MySQL and C++.

Achievements: Developed a totally new web-to-print revenue stream.



  • Responsible for updating and maintaining company websites and creating new sites, including sites with fully customized payment gateways, using DHTML, XHTML, XML, Javascript, CSS, Perl, PHP, MySQL and Miva Merchant.
  • All sites were developed using proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Achievements: Led the effort to migrate from static HTML sites to dynamic, database driven websites.


Intranet Capacity Planning Specialist

Procter & Gamble
  • Responsible for determing the remaining capacity of over 300 Intranet servers around the world.
  • Assigned new LotusScript applications to intranet servers based on the current and forecast server capacity.

Achievements: Developed a series of tools to automate tasks and assist in allocating applications to servers utilizing LotusScript, Perl and Shell Scripting.


Perl Programmer (Contractor)

GE Aircraft Engines
  • Handled development for a project to convert 10,000 pages of aircraft engine design practices from paper to electronic format and a system for securely maintaining the proper authorizations and approval of updates and new design practices.
  • Helped select a team of typists and designers and worked closely with them to quickly and accurately implement the conversions.
  • Conducted training seminars to familiarize aircraft engine designers and engineers with the new systems and how to utilize it effectively.

Achievements: Brought the time from final approval of a design practice or modification until it is fully distributed down from six months to six seconds.