Ken Mc Kinney

Ken Mc Kinney


Utilizing my skills in field production, news gathering, interviewing, editing, voice over, sale and marketing, combined with the Internet and new media, I am interested in a position within the communications, podcast, news and information, production field. Please view my demos for style and ability.


Excellent Communication Skills    Customer Service Focused Attention to Details/Action OrientedDependable

Self-Motivated/EnergeticAbility to Multi-Task

Adaptable to Organizational Structures      Mature/Able to Manage Stress/Crisis

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Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2008 - Present

Video Editor Freelance Contractor

Vista Media Services

- Podcast Production

- Freelance videographer - SD, HDV, HD.

- FCP editor

- Freelance marketing services

- Freelance copywriter

Available for commercial production, sports production, city event coverage, convention coverage, corporate coverage, special event coverage.

Currently focused on professional podcast production.

I carry my own camera (Sony Z1U-HDV) - edit FCP6 on my own system PowerMac G5 and/or MBP for field editing.

May 2008 - Nov 2008

Website Content Moderator

LiveUniverse Inc.

Moderate public content on social network website. Content includes live streaming video, audio and textual content. Create daily reports, attend virtual meetings, assist with user interface and technical issues from home office setting.

Oct 2006 - Feb 2008

Production Manager

Adventure Learning Channel Pte Ltd

- Producer duties included cold calling, contract negotiating, administration, budgeting.

- Creative content development, production management, script writing,

- 2nd Unit video camera operator, FCP off-line editor - Traveled to several Southeast Asian destinations liaison with various tourism bureaus for businesses  and production- Content delivered on China Television Shanghai Media Group and on the Internet

May 2005 - Sep 2006

Contractor - Producer / Marketer

Vista Media Services Arizona

- Contract Services

- Provided services to local television station KLHU-ca TV45 as managing producer, program developer, project manager and staff supervisor- Increased local advertising sales 100%- Provided services as copy and commercial writer, news director, reporter, ENG camera operator, off-line and on-line feature editor- Content delivered locally and on the Internet

Dec 1992 - Feb 2005

Contractor - Producer / Marketer

Vista Media Services Saipan

Producer/Marketer, VISTA MEDIA SERVICES, Feb. 2000 – Feb. 2005Contracted and provided services to CNMI government agencies and local businesses as producer, writer, and editor of long format corporate, sports programs, and television commercials. Conducted public relations management including but not limited to press releases, copywriting, and the design and production of marketing material for print, radio and television campaigns.

Marketing Specialist, SUNSET ADVERTISING GROUP, Oct. 1996 – Jan. 2000Created and administered marketing budgets, negotiated client annual media buys. Provided creative content and copywriting for print and broadcast advertising campaigns. Developed new and innovative in-house marketing plans to attract business.

Sales Executive/ On-air Jock, RADIO SAIPAN INTL - Hot 98FM, Dec 1992 – Aug. 1996Outside sales and marketing activities, creation of station sales and marketing promotions, producer, copywriter, voiceover talent artist as well as on-air talent as disk jockey.




Northern Mariana College

Electronic Technician

DeVry Institute of Technology



Sales and Marketing skills

Natural aptitude for sales and marketing. Experience goes back to primary education years. Good at developing new leads and closing deals. Have a natural ability to conduct this type of business and speaking in public. I never meet a stranger.

Computer skills

PC and MAC adaptability - Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Entourage, Office X, Keynote, Skype, Celtx, etc.  

Adobe skills

Photoshop CS3, Illustrator

Video Camera skills

Knowledge of video camera operations Sony VX2000, Sony Z1U-HD, Cannon XLHD, JVC GYHD110U

FCP editing suite

Final Cut Pro Studio 6 including Compressor, DVD Studio Pro, and Motion. Experienced with HD editing. MAC G5 and MBP for field edit.