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I am a conscientious hard-working person. I am reliable, an over achiever and I learn very quickly and can adapt to change easily. I am very personable and do well in stressful situations. I am a team leader; yet work equally well independently. I am a self-starter. I have started a second career in education because I can make a difference. I am an effective teacher, I have managed 33 students from a wide array of learning abilities and ensured every one of them will succeed to promote to the next grade level. I left California for family, but I do not intend to leave my job, my passion and my calling to educate and continue growing as an educator.


  • Golf
  • Reading
  • Horse riding
  • Cooking


To utilize my business and educational background to manage administrative responsibilities in an education based environment, to promote a safe and nurturing environment that collaborates equally with both the educational community as well as the community. I will provide leadership in the office; and keep abreast of new technology and techniques to grow as a facilitator and a manager.


Debra Tarantino

Tim Dignan

Amber Lane

Andree Grey


Cover Letter

I am writing in request to be considered for a position. I feel that my knowledge and experiences from both my master’s degree as well as my time spent with parents, staff and students has prepared me for a rewarding and fulfilling experience. The rigorous standards based program and the multicultural perspectives I bring to the classroom ensure that all students can become successful learners.

I have been teaching since 2005, and in the field of education since 2002. I recently completed my masters in education with a multiculturalism certificate. I am passionate about teaching; I believe in creating an individualized learning experiences for each child. I am qualified to guide students in their learning in of a standards based curriculum, to motivate and encourage their learning towards a deeper understanding of synthesis and analysis. My teaching promotes awareness of multiculturalism in the classroom by creating a safe and exciting environment, which will nurture and support learning. My goal is to engage students to want to learn, by introducing a learning cycle of hands-on activities for students in their mathematics and science lessons. I have created and successfully implemented technology-based curriculum is both interactive and encourages student participation.

I have recently moved back to England from America. I am a great teacher and eager to continue my career in education. I have a business degree from Pepperdine university in management which has been invaluable in helping me stay organized and able to complete my masters in Education while working during the day. I completed both my teaching credentials and my masters at California State University in San Marcos, California.

I have created standards based curriculum and integrated technology into the classroom using several new hardware and peripherals from a technology grant that I was a leader in. I believe that education is constantly changing, and as a result my professional development is important. I attend several workshops and courses each year to maintain cutting edge ideas and implement them into the classroom. I am an effective teacher and a team leader. I am able to dissipate disputes quickly both with staff and students while maintaining good relationships with all concerned. I am efficient, I learn quickly and implement that learning into my work. I have had experience teaching a wide range of ages from Kindergarten to fifth grade. I have also tutored high school students for mathematics, English, and French. My principal has asked that I give several technology presentations to our staff in creating their websites, accelerated reader and ixl math programs. My background in business has facilitated my HR skills with a staff that has varied needs and expectations.

I appreciate your review of my CV  for this position, and hope to have the opportunity to continue my career under your leadership and with the support of the community. thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Work experience

Mar 2005Present


Temecula Valley Unified School District

5th Grade Teacher at Temecula Luiseno Elementary School.

A California Distinguished School

  • Managing a heterogeneous classroom, increasing student responsibilities. Planning and implementing units in all subjects while maintaining a classroom community that ensures equitable access to knowledge and skills.
  • Creating and modifying and lesson plans for special education students according to IEPs.
  • GATE certified teacher: Implemented enrichment activities for gifted students, applying icons of depth and complexity across the curriculum for enrichment and independent project work.
  • Implementing a technology grant: EETT (Enhancing Education Through Technology) for grade level to provide access to new technology for school, to be integrated in mathematics and science lessons. Grant provided six netbooks per classroom, mimio board, document camera, projector, and student response systems.
  • SST Team Coordinator: Identifying students with disabilities or giftedness to be tested and assisting in meetings with principal, resource teachers and parents to determine best programs.
  • PLC (professional learning community) facilitator conducted team meetings to manage interventions and tutoring for students with needs.
  • EEI (Essential Elements of Instruction) Attended training seminars and implemented strategies in the classroom.
Mar 2005Jun 2007


Temecula Valley Unified School District

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teacher

Red Hawk Elementary School and Temecula Luiseno Elementary School 

  • Managing a heterogeneous classroom, phonics based instruction. Planning annual curriculum for project based lessons. Focused on Step up to Writing strategies to develop student writing portfolios. Fostering a safe learning environment for extended independent learning through educational games.
  • Literacy teacher applying principals to improve student comprehension and fluency that is developmentally appropriate for early childhood programs.
Aug 2002Jun 2005

Substitute Teacher


Teaching Kindergarten to 12th grade

Mar 1992Jul 2004

Operations Manger

Wood-Ease Inc.
  • Supervised warehouse staff in production of wood based hand cleaner line.
  • Procured raw materials and planned shipping schedules.


Aug 2004May 2005

SB 2042 Multiple Subject Credential

California State University San Marcos

Multiple subject credential to teach Kindergarten through 12th grade, with an authorization to teach English Language Learners (CLAD).


School Activities
I Started several school wide activities for students that either took place during or before school hours. Running Club Implemented running club before school activity for students. Created a student body staff membership to supervise and record participant’s laps. Trek 4 Tech Supervised school fund raiser to raise money for technology. We raised over $7,000 the first year and increased to $10,000 in subsequent years. Going Green Motivated students to actively participate in various methods to raise funds for school, reduce energy waste, recycling, keeping school clean.  
  Technology team member providing support and training to staff members. I have given staff presentations for staff to learn and use various software and hardware. These have included creating a classroom website, ixl math online programs, mimio (smart boards), document camera and projectors, voicethread, and aver media. I was part of a four member team for a technology grant (Essential Elements in Teaching Technology) to bring technology into the classroom and integrate learning with technology. Taught students to use various software: Inspiration, Kidpix, Frames, Pixie, Share, and internet safety. Proficient in Microsoft office, Macintosh OS systems, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages and peripherals.