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Design Rendering
Proficient Hand Draftsman : Any type of drawings and sketchesTechniques : Gray and Color pencil, Black and Color Ink, Prisma Colors ( Markers ), Watercolors, Ink Wash   Proficient in Computer generated content : Any type ( plan, detail, rendering ) Programs : Autocad, SketchUp, InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, basic understanding of Revit and Photoshop ( willing to learn fast )   Proficient Physical Model Craftsman : Structure models, site models, massing Techniques : Laser Cut Materials, Hand Cut ( Xacto knife ) Materials.      


Architecture is the art and craft of making place. I am interested in finding the right forms and materials that would merge seamlessly with the natural and build environment of a given society. Architecture like a good book has the ability to tell stories, spark emotions and wonder. In my designs, I strive for poetic justice, proper and efficient use of materials, innovation, and dignity.

Design Journey


Throughout my education, I have worked on many hypothetical projects ranging from architecture to designing furniture. A great place can only be achieved if all the parts are working in harmony. My designs don’t stop at the building, I have done landscape gardens, street design, interior design and even furniture.  I am knowledgeable in the history and analysis of architecture and the arts.  Learning about the humanities and the past of buildings is a main focus of my education and I enjoy discussing the journey man has taken to achieve the designs of today.  I have the skill and educational experience to produce every type of architectural drawing or rendering by hand or computer programs..   I am willing to master my techniques and learn the business of architecture. I work well in a team, and use my knowledge on numerous design methods and techniques to produce beautiful drawings in an efficient manner.


Going through the process of acquiring a degree, it quickly becomes apparent that Architecture is a team effort. Team tasks motivate me to perform at a high standart, as I would hate to let my partners down. The end result when a team works well together is always pleasing. The proof is in my portfolio. Team projects I worked on include: SAHA landscape design competition ( twice ), “Reverie” Passage project ( phisical structure ), Numerous research and analysis, large site models, Sand Castle Building Competition, Galveston, Texas among others.


Aug 2007May 2012


University of Texas, San Antonio

Study Abroad:

Location : Urbino, Italy

Timeframe : 08.2011 - 12.2011

Scholarship: UTSA IEA ( International Education Fund ) for study abroad