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Secondary Education

SMK Seri Balik Pulau (2005-2006)

STPM (2006): 3.00

SMK Sacred Heart (2000-2004)

SPM (2004): 6A

PMR (2002): 8A


  • Looking for a position within the IT industry.
  • Looking for an exciting and rewarding career that will allow me to express and expose my creativity and talent.

Final Year Project

I am doing my final year project with title of Live Mentoring, supervised by Pn. Faten Damanhoori.

I partner with another two friends to develop this system.

This system is created as its purpose is to guide mentor and protégés by using live video conference through Live Mentoring website.

Live Mentoring was just completed on 12th May 2010.

On 13th May, our project was shortlisted in Final Year Project Competition which consists of nine groups.

We gained experience in the competition.

Links or Documents


Interested in web application development, desktop application, Java programming as my job interests.

Others like Taekwondo, bicycle riding and jogging are my leisure interests.


Welcome to my e-portfolio.

My name is Thung Swee Jing.

I am currently having my degree in Computer Science, USM for the third year.

Expected to graduated in August 2010

Besides, I am undergoing a certification program called 3P which is sponsored by ministry Malaysia. In this program, I learn Core Foundations of .NET Framework 2.0, ASP.NET, and at the end of the program, I will be "Microsoft Certified Professional Developer - ASP.NET Developer 3.5 ( MCPD:ASP.NET )" after I pass all three of the exams.

The purpose of this e-portfolio is to provide potential employers with in-depth information about my qualifications as a job candidate.This CV briefly shows what I had done, the skills I had, and the projects involved.

I will be renew this CV frequently to make sure all the information are precise and updated.

Work experience

Jul 2009Sep 2009

Research Trainee

School of Computer Sciences, USM

I had gone through my industrial training in School of Computer Sciences, USM, under supervision of Dr. Shahida Sulaiman.

I had developed a php-based web application system called Eco-hub Reservation System for Eco-Team, USM. This system was developed to research facilities and equipments of Eco-hub.

Besides, I was doing research about on content management system during the training.

During this industrial training period, I was exposed to research environment, presentation skills, and communication skills with other colleagues.


Jul 2007Aug 2010

Computer Science



  • Dean List in Session 07/08 Semester 2.
  • Current CGPA: 3.31

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Exco of the Community Service Society (2008).
  • Member of Taekwondo USM (joining demo during KO-K day). (2008-2009).                         

Involvement in Project:

  • Minor project of Java application - Restaurant Ordering System (2008), Minor project of DBMS using Oracle (2008)
  • Minor project of Photoshop Workshop (2009), Minor project of Bookstore System.
  • Industrial Training Project - a web application called Eco-hub Reservation System using PHP, Javascript, CSS, MySQL. (2009)
  • Minor project called social web - using php, ajax, and javascript to develop. (2010)

Involvement in Research:

  • Research on content management system.
  • Research on design pattern of web applications.

Other information:

  • Languages: fluent in Malay, English, Chinese and other dialects.


  • Familiar with a vast array of programming languages, including, but not limited to: Perl, C#, C++, HTML, PHP, MS-DOS, Java, Javascript, CSS, SQL command.
  • Familiar with tools: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Oracle, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, .Net Framework, Visual Studio, NetBeans IDE, Eclipse.
  • Other skills: system design and architecture design, user interfaces, databases, debugging, software testing and quality assurance, and system document report. 

Expected to graduate on August 2010.


I use ajax frequently in my previous mini projects and assignments during my degree. In my final year project, I also use it too.
SQL Command
Microsoft Visio
Proficient to use Microsoft Visio to create software diagram in system document.
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project is used to create Gantt chart, time line, and plan for project schedule.
Graphic Processing
Design logo, banner, edit, and refine photos or pictures using Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.