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Led 50 personnel in combat operations in Iraq demonstrating superior leadership skills Excellent presentation skills with years of experience Professional Instructor with over 2000 hours instructing at Army and College levels Owner and Operator of a successful trucking company demonstrating the ability to take risk Ability to lead and make decisions in a stressful situation Ability to effectively manage time and multiple priorities and the ability to work in team atmosphere Experienced in interviewing, hiring and maintaining personnel records, collecting and interpreting organizational and employee data in order to evaluate organizational goals/productivity Proficient with Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, Excel QM-3, Microsoft QM-3, Access, PowerPoint), Windows Operating Systems B.A. in Homeland Security, American Public University, Manassas, VA (2009), GPA 3.1 Currently enrolled in MBA program, American Public University, Manassas, VA Hold a current Secret Clearance

Work experience

Sep 2007Mar 2009

Ranger Instructor

United States Army

Analyze, develop, and design course and training materials using various learning strategies; make presentations to adult participants using audience participation, illustrations, and humor; prepare and sequence objectives and competencies for future classes

  • Orchestrate the day to day training and safety of a 45 to 50 personnel in a training environment
  • Prepare and teach operations in a classroom field environment to over 500 students annually
  • Conduct lectures and field exercises covering engagement criteria and survival skills under harsh conditions
  • Lead practical classroom exercises and discussion while engaging and involving students
  • Evaluate the company's risk and report risk assessment to chain of command
  • Prepared statistical reports using Power Point and charts to track student proficiency, qualifications, training and advancement
Feb 2005Sep 2007

Senior Advisor/Supervisor

United States Army

Senior Advisor of operations at the University of Tennessee for the US Army responsible for managing the day to day functions for the Army program

  • Advisor to the Professor of Military Science concerning federal and state employees regulations, and student body objectives 
  • Conducted annual performance evaluations, recommended promotions and disciplinary actions for 6 government employees and 20 students
  • Evaluated contributions to organizational effectiveness, including assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of activities
  •  Approving authority and certifying official for an operating and recruiting budget of $12,000.00 Federal and $5,000.00 State at the University of Tennessee
  • Identified staffing requirements and organized recruitment teams
  • Organized and developed training with outside organizations to reach objectives and enhance employees effectiveness
Aug 2005Apr 2007

Owner/Manager of Operations

Shubert Trucking

Performed transportation management duties to include modes of transportation, logistics, routing, personnel, hazardous materials, cargo transportation, and use of computerized data management system

  • Managed a fleet of trucks that was responsible for hauling specialized fright from dry goods, refrigerated, livestock and military equipment
  • Planned and the day to day routing operations
  • Managed external relationships with carriers and third party logistics (3PLs) companies
  • Implemented company tracking systems for transportation, delivery, and movement of goods
  • Developed a positive client relationship with over 100 trucking companies nation wide
  • Familiar with DOT (FMCSA) Regulatory guidance for vehicles and drivers
  • Developed risk management program to investigate potential risk involving company drivers
  • Managed the maintenance program for all of the trucks ensuring they met all DOT regulations
  • Managed the company's human resource management program to include hiring, firing, payroll, training, drug testing and records keeping on all personnel and ensuring all personnel met DOT regulations
Jun 2003Feb 2005

Coordinator and Planning Chief

United States Army

Coordinated the support, planning, and execution of a Division size  air movement and airspace management program

  • Orchestrated the coordination of the Joint Airborne Air Transportability Training (JA/ATT) program for the company
  • Represented the 101st Airborne Division at company level conferences for acquisition for aircraft for transporting troops
  • Advised Division level Commander (General officer) of all operations pertaining to the Division's airborne missions
  • Organized and managed the personnel program for all airborne status personnel at the Division level
  • Coordinator of all Division level events to include airborne operations and land acquisitions
  • Developed and coordinated flight operations with senior level officers on a day to day basis
  • Evaluated all departments and individuals responsible for training and safety of airborne operations on Ft. Campbell
  • Evaluated and reported on Division level Airborne Operations Risk Assessment
Oct 2002Jun 2003

Senior Supervisor/Platoon Sergeant

United States Army

Manager of leadership and development to include group dynamics, communication modes, interpersonal relationship models, and performance and personnel counseling

  • Orchestrated conferences and practical exercises in combined-arms tactics, staff subjects, communications and electronics, unit and material readiness, weapons, leadership, and management
  • Developed and implemented training model which resulted in my platoon receiving the highest number of Expert Infantry Badges in the Company
  • Supervisor/Manager for 39 personnel of an Air Assault Infantry Rifle Platoon ready to deploy to a tactical environment anywhere in the world
  • Supervised the training and tactical employment of an infantry rifle platoon
  • Responsible for all program systems for all personnel to include weapons, medical, and locations
  • Spear headed company operations with a 39 man platoon during combat operations in Iraq
  • Assisted in the day to day technical and tactical guidance to the senior officer


May 2009Present


American Public University System
  • Conduct advanced business analysis by incorporating the use of various data tools in the discovery of possible solutions for implementation
  • Compare and contrast various organizational managerial approaches to analyze their effect on the individual, group, and organization
  • Analyze the legal, regulatory, and compliance issues impacting managers in today's market place, and emphasize the importance of continuing education for managers for future legal changes
  • Evaluate and analyze advanced analysis methods and techniques to determine their user interdisciplinary applicability in order to meet current and business needs, and evaluate the need for changes in policies and procedures
  • Distinguish and implement various analytical financial tools to conduct business analysis and to communicate possible solutions and implementation plans for business decisions
  • Focus on various business strategies and approaches used by organizations in their mission to sustain and obtain various marketing segments in order to increase their growth potential and integrate business functions into a coherent business strategy
  • Compare and contrast various market-driven strategies used by organizations to effectively plan for current and future needs of customers
Aug 2007Feb 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security

American Public University System
  • Examine the historical and evolving concept of homeland security within the broader political and national security system of the contemporary nation-state.
  • Recognize the detailed mitigation, planning, response, and recovery phases to and from a homeland security incident.
  • Differentiate among the various homeland security threats, to include those that are manmade, technological, and natural.
  • Discuss the strategic, operational, and tactical threats presented by chemical, nuclear, and biological agents, to include agent characteristics and delivery systems.
  • Distinguish among and assess the various homeland security approaches, techniques, and processes, such as analytics, indications, warnings, and forecasting.
  • Explain the key administrative and command and control elements of the evolving homeland security relationships among the intelligence community; Department of Homeland Security; interagency processes and institutions; federal, state, and local intergovernmental relations; and a comprehensive U.S. homeland security strategy.


Paul Witkowski

Jeff Deck

Todd Landan


Sep 2007Present

Tactics Certification Course

Fort Benning, Georgia
Sep 2007Present

Total Army Instructor Training Course

Fort Benning, Georgia
Sep 2007Present

Combat Lifesaver Course

Fort Benning, Georgia
Sep 2007Present

Additional Duty Safety Officer Course

Fort Benning, Georgia
May 1999Present

Army Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program Management

Fort Benning, Georgia
Sep 2007Sep 2012

Comercial Drivers License

Georgia Department of Transportation